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Marshall vs Mariah: Shady Hits Back

Haha…After Obsessed it wasn’t gonna end, was it? Marshall fires back at Mariah with The Warning, mentioning that if she keeps denying anything happened he’ll leak the phone calls the messages and the pics…Ben Stiller: DO IT Flows on point and the beats sick, Dre worked it so nothing less as usual. Pretty funny joint I doubt Mariah’s gonna say shit about this lol, enjoy

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Hi-Res images of the girls of Iron Man 2

yes yes yes red heads the only thing we could possibly like more then stalker chicks. tho Pepper pots hair looks a little more blond in this one. Lets face is Paltrow only looks hot as pepper pots


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The First Hybrid

Many out there praise Toyota for developing the first successful hybrid. However, this technology was developed initially by GM, Ford and Chrysler through a grand by The Department of Energy. Due to the abundance of cheap gas the plan was eventually dropped which allowed Toyota to swoop on in and continue the development. However, before any of these ever made it to production another person developed the technology. The truth is that Porche beat Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler to the punch with the Elektromobil, a fully functional hybrid engine that could go up to thirty five miles on battery charge alone. All this back in 1898.


Jacob Lohner, a coach builder in Vienna in the late 1800s, asked the young Ferdinand Porsche, a graduate of the Vienna Technical College, to build a silent electric carriage as the gas-powered vehicles of the era were noisy, smelly, shaky and difficult to start.

The result was a fusion of battery and gas powered engines – the first vehicle with front wheel drive, as a matter of fact. The vehicle was first shown at The Paris Exposition of 1900. However, the abundance of cheap gasoline, the expense of the hybrid engine, and a lack of investors led the to disappearance of the hybrid engine for almost one hundred years. Some conspiracy buffs even blame the oil companies for shutting down the Elektromobil.

However, all that was old is new again as many of the features of the Elektromobil have been incorporated into the new Chevy Volt, a battery powered car for the modern age. The Elektromobil was also the inspiration for the Apollo lunar rover.


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Cardboard………….hobos go to answer

We have all heard the jokes about people living in cardboard boxes. Well in this economy this looks like way to live and make ends meet. Not only is cardboard the way to go for living on the cheap it can also be made into many other useful things Chris Gilmour shows with his cardboard themed art.


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Whoures whoring it up with Video Games

Enjoy the gallery featuring whoures whoring it up with video games that I jacked from those pricks at HolyTaco. I sneaked in one a few whoures whoring it up with tech and J’s.

edit: you think they are gonna swagger jack us even more? our other swagger jacker has chilled since my last shots at him.

Whoures whoring it up

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Random White Girl of the day/cosplay special

DOUBLE FEATURE! so if you remember i posted up the san diego comic con monday and one of the chicks was a pokechu or whatever, well turns out shes the “hottest” girl at san diego comic con. her name is Jessica Nigri. i beg to differ i think This Girl is hotter. this girl looks like she would yell “PIKACHUUUUUUUUU!” when she orgasms which would over shadow my “SHAZAAAAAAM!!”, because yes im that good, my timing is epic because i am a giving lover. sup ladies *wink*.



Hit the jump for the rest

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Random Asian Girl of the Day

Ok this time im passing up on the pornstars and going to something else. i dont know a lot of this girl aside from her name is Roxy and she does photoshoots with this photographer on which ill link you to.



hit the jump for more NSFW pics beleve me this one above was the most SFW in them.

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