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Random Asian Girl of the day.

it appears ive been sniped, by the other admin…damn it! lol

Granted you may not know that doing this is a hard job. I mean finding a hot girl to post every week you may not have heard of is hard. So to take some of the work load off our other admin ill post up one today. Her name is Aubrey Miles, a TV Presenter and Musician In Phillipines. Aside from this, she’s been in several US movies, but mainly Filipino films. Thats about all i know of her, but she meets our standards so here she is.


Hit the Jump for more pics, tho some of them maybe NS4W

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Katy Perry, why was she over looked?

I dont know how i missed these but seriously, jebus. tight leather pants, by the looks of that thing she has on shes obviously crazy, and look at that rack. now i have NEVER heard anything by her aside what is played on the radio and Mtv and i could care less. Now one of the reasons besides her being up to our standards is i have noticed something with her. Bitchy girls think shes the scum of the earth for some reason, either it be there jealous of her fame, or she’s hotter then they will ever be, or there’s just hating on her for the sake of hating but what i say to those girls is give it up, no one likes a bitchy angst filled girl. honestly i have no idea where I’m going with this, I’m watching House, single handedly the greatest doctor show ever. Eat it E.R.

brits arrivals 21 180209

Hit the rest of katy Perry’s pics

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Microsoft Surface

Its a Table top computer. you set your zune,phone, or camera and the computer and accesses everything on it. no cables to connect or anything. granted im pretty sure thats gonna be just microsoft products or bluetooth, but i would gladly trade in my 2nd gen ipod touch and blackberry and sony camera for this kind awesomeness. granted by the end of the night it would be covered in beer stains and vomit because when we at HHLE party hard, we dont stop till we black out then wake up and start all over again.


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And the truth starts coming out…………….

I’m a car guy, no doubt about it. I’ve owned more than my fair share of cars and I know the ins and outs of pretty much any car. Having worked in an automotive manufacturing plant helped open my eyes and widen my knowledge about how the car industry truly is. Now having know this about me, I will like to talk to you about my pet Peeve. Domestic car bashers, well pretty much anything that is not Japanese.

manufacturing plant

More after the Jump

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Mixtape Review: Antagonist – International

We Here at HHLE have a few loves, Whoures, Cars, Tech, and Hip Hop. Each one is a part of our daily lives. So when I logged into our sites Email and saw that someone contacted us to do a write up for there artists mixtape, we were more then happy to do so. Us being a young blog with a unique take on everything. We have only being active for 5 months and we have developed a solid following. Which Brought the attention of a up and coming artist Antagonist. Much like us, he’s young and still making a place in his field.


The artists name is Antagonist, who comes from California but now resides in Florida. While in Florida Antagonist spent a lot of time crafting his sound which is a blend of Cali swagger and Florida style. Antagonist is Still young in the mixtape game, having only 5 mixtapes out. Like many, Antagonist has started small, but staying true to the term “putting in work” his fan base has grown. The business of Hip Hop has Changed. No longer do artists rely on A&R reps and other record execs to get the music to the people, Artists have turned to the Internet with sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs to Promote there music. Antagonist has taken full advantage of this to take him from humble beginnings to half a million of downloads in a short time. This is a more personal touch that working through label executives just doesn’t give you. Antagonist has his hand in pretty much every aspect of the making music. And continues to work on becoming better. With the Introduction done hit the jump and read the review for Antagonists mixtape “international”.

Hit the Jump to read our review on Antagonists mixtape “International”

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Chris Brown is a Idiot.

why in the hell would you beat the shit out of this? just look at her, i dont care how bitchy she was or whatever he went ike turner on her for.


i need to get famous and like right now while im still young.

hit the jump for more of rihanna

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Denny’s isnt funny.

You all know of my fear of killer Robots and i do not find this funny, more like horrifying.

Robot: Just making conversation
me: oh really? **walks off** **returns with chainsaw** making conversations? yeah well im just playing john conner bitch!!! **proceeds to chop apart robot with chainsaw”*

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