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Tuesday’s Obscure car of the Day

Today’s car comes from Chrysler’s holding partner Fiat. The 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is powered by a 4.7 liter V8 producing 450 HP, matched to a 6 speed robotic gearbox. It follows on the foots steps of the highly sought after 8C Competizione. The Alfa 8C Spider is truly beautiful, powerful and rock solid car that showcases gracious lines and dimensions typical of Alfa Romeo engineering and drive-ability.




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Are you Vegan?

As you know around here we pretty much the epitome on all epicness as men. We likes Whoures, Fast cars, drink booze and we are carnivores. Hell we even wanna hit this place in arizona that has hot whoure nurses bring you a huge burger. i digress, so i guess if you vegan you need a support group? sissys, now pass me the ketchup you cant expect me to eat this ostrich bacon burger dry can you?



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Megan Fox as a cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i honesty dont know what to say right now i mean megan fox as a cheerleader in this movie? i mean what can i say? i actually have no words, jokes, or offensive references. I got nothing, not a damn thing. I’m gonna go downstairs have a redbull and then maybe take a nap. Its like a overload or something.


Hit the jump for more, because i got nothing to say

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why macs suck.

as of late ive begun to loath apple and everything they do. From there underpowered over priced laptops to there ridiculous charging for ipod touch OS upgrades. so instead of feeding the beast im staying microsoft. my old ass pc (which is better then the newer mac i have sitting in the spare room) never let me down and my XBOX 360 which runs like a champ. I’m soon to be trading my 2nd gen ipod touch for a Microsoft zune 1080p. this vid pretty much sums it up. Tho at the end plays heavy metal loud as hell so you might wanna turn this down. on a side note i don’t play games on a pc so the end of this doesn’t interest me.

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Whats this? random school girl? yes it is.

we passed our highest views of the day and i wanna push it further so lets get this going. you think a asian girl dressed as a school will do it? lets see.


hit the jump for more school girl, tho it may be NSFW because of panty and bra shots

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Impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery

It has come to our attention that a certain bigger blog i wont say the name, has been ripping off our style. Cosplay monday and our random girls of the day. granted these Stans not doing this weekly like us but they are still copying us. Ill be honest the random girl of the day is probably the hardest thing our admin does. Cosplay monday is no joke either (actually our cosplay > there cosplay they do some lame shit and only like 5 pics i try to get at least 15 quality hot girls each week). Granted this will not change things on our end but i may do something ive been against for a while…putting our names on the pics. I think ill just change names hardcoded into the pics so at least when people look at the images code they know its from us.

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So to brighten people of nummis day a little

since well things look bleak heres 2 pics of a chick pouring red bull with her boobs. i dont know if that will help any but it made my day start out ok.

im in love

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