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Album Review: A.B.S – The Toast!

Once again we have been granted the pleasure of review another album for A.B.S. This is A.B.S’ 5th album and slowly became a personal favorite. The album comes out this Tuesday in all digital stores so you better go support good hip hop. if you havent bought his other albums, me and your mother are very disappointed in you. Head over to itunes and pick up his albums and this new one. This would have been done sooner but as you all know i had some family things happen and well everything else because the last thing on my mind. Now is the time to get things back on track.

Press Release:
A.B.S. releases new Best of LP “The Toast”
SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – San Francisco rapper A.B.S. releases his 5th album “The Toast” on his independent label Skullneck Records in all digital stores on December 1st, 2009. Originally signed for release on the now defunct Johnny Pump Ent. record label “The Toast” is a compilation of A.B.S.’ best material to date. It features the radio hit “Older” produced by Skullneck Records mainstay The Last Brain which was previously unreleased. It also includes the usual features from Icadon, Adiggz, Gotte and Skullneck artist Thought. The track selection was made by A.B.S. himself so it’s safe to say this collection consists of his personal favorites. The album starts out with an intro by comedian Wanda Sykes which sets the pace for the digital journey. “The Toast” pulls songs from 6 different A.B.S. projects and neatly rolls them into one musical Philly blunt. For more Information, promo requests, or to set up an interview please contact:

Purchase the album here on iTunes!

hit the jump for the breakdown and review


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Cosplay Monday!

Yep like clock work this is going up and on time for once. Ive been building this one up for the whole week so it seems pretty huge and all that quality you have come to expect. we also got a album review going up later int he afternoon so be sure to check that one out.

hit the jump for more cosplay

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WTF? Yeah i stopped being Lazy.

Yeah we changed the name and look but were still the same old blog you know and love. This still isn’t the final look but its something I’ve been putting of for almost a year…we’re still making changes so stay with us. somethings might be added but nothings being taken away. We’re still gonna be the same as before.

btw our other admin came up with the new blog name.

also, im still working on the look for this and still doing some photoshop so more things will come.

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Happy Birthday to our Admin.

as today is your birthday, heres to you finding that taylor swift look alike when your out drinking. if im there, then were playing the ‘have you met (insert name)? game i was gonna up a post of nothing but your favorite color…blond i couldn’t find anything useful that was not porn. so i brought you your second favorite, pigtails.

and in the immortal words of the white folk…

“**click click** giddy up”

hit the jump for more

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Preview of things to come…

we have a Preview of whats to come, ill try to get it all done by the end of the weekend. this is gonna be the middle ground before everything takes off and i finally update the blogs coding but yeah this is gonna take some photoshop work ill try to knock out and we will have a review of another album. new banner, new look, and maybe even a better name. this might not be the final look but just to show you i havent gotten too lazy.

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Happy Thanksgiving

as most of you are probally stuffing your faces with all the food you can, or you are all already passed out in front of a tv watching your favorite sport of choice, we here say Happy Thanksgiving.

if the native americans looked like this back in the day, im sure the pilgrims would have just laid down, i know i would have

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Update: New Super Street Fighter Footage.

they released new footage showing cody,guy, and adons ultra in action. They also showed some of the american voice overs for it also. yeah sorry i cant directly embed the video since i havent updated the blogs coding but ill place the link and you can click it. still no word on dudley, ibuki, makato, or karin being included as characters. in one of the backgrounds you can see hugo from Street Fighter III and final fight.

full vid here!

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