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Super trailer

Looks like a new movie about a normal guy who wants to be a super hero. all i know is it has ellen page and that girl…her snarky attitude is awesome and next to Ashly Burch they are my nerd girl crush.


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Hey Ash: Limbo

A new episode of hey ash is up and it is classic…i ❤ Ash and she should have my illegitimate children. imjussayin also BUY THE SEASON 2 DVD!!! i did and when YOU do put in the comments on paypal a link to here and say "Ash you should totally have his babies"

click the pic to go to the video.


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How is this even possible?

Taylor swift just got gigaton amount of hotter. Its crazy how much bangs and straitening her hair did. Sorry other admin but i am going to do my best to get backstage passes once she comes to town and tell her she smells like expensive wood.

hit the jump for more of this epic hottness

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GameFace: Romona Flowers Tattoo

Whattup whattup, so check it out heres some epic looking Scott Pilgrim artwork, a kick ass tattoo of Ramona Flowers, looks identical to the picture from the book – Reason will know this scene is from the inside cover of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Volume One: Precious Little Life. Shows how the mainstream attention has really made the comics come to life, this said I now want a scott pilgrim sleeve tattooing..Enjoy


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so much win

Listening to: Kid Cudi – Mojo So Dope
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This movie looks awesome

Granted the story might and possibly be dumb…look who stars in it, hot chicks. i will buy a ticket to see this. Plus hot chicks in a crazy house…sounds like all my exes got together and bought a apartment complex.



Oh T-Swizzle

How I love you…

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