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shit just got real…

while some of us are out changing the airplane game up and making big moves, the others are still grinding out women and being all around awesome. Look at this shit, fuck my balls i might have to pick up forza again. btw look out for a certain car club featuring a certain pirate as the badge, yeah thats us.

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Reel Talk: Unstoppable Trailer

New trailer for you movie fans out there, it’s the latest action/drama film to hit us from Tony Scott and is called Unstoppable. Denzel Washington plays Frank Barnes, a veteran train engineer who’s assigned to show newbie conductor Will Gordon (Chris Pine) the ropes.

Word gets out that a freit train carrying cart after cart of poisonous gas and combustable fluids is flying down the tracks, unmanned, and headed towards destroying a city when it reaches the end of the line. Barnes and Gordon work together in their own train to try and get alongside the runaway and bring it to a safe stop before it’s too late for everyone.

The film is inspired by the Crazy Eights train incident in 2001, in which a regular trainmaster named Jon Hosfeld jumped aboard a runaway train and pulled it to a hault before it was able to cause any damage. Not in any way similar to The Taking of Pelham 123 aside of there being a train involved, it’s a different tale and I’m gonna watch this really cause Denzel is one of the best to do it and it looks like edge of the seat type suspense in a lotta scenes. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think


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Remember that flyer i posted?

well lookie lookie, btw i have no idea when that sabbatical will start now

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Movie Talk – Machete

So a little while back we brought you exclusive news that the fake trailer seen during Grindhouse titled ‘Machete’ was gonna be a feature film this year. Here’s the first OFFICIAL trailer for the film, starring Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Robert de Niro and Michelle Rodriguez – who looks fucking smokin’ in the trailer. Looks dope IMO I can’t wait for this, Trejo been a badass for a minute it’s about time he got his own lead. Storyline follows a former federalli goin’ rogue to take down a corrupt system. Enjoy family


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Top 10 posts of the year.

Well with 2010 coming around and i decided to look at what our top posts of 2009 are…needless to say it was nothing but hot girls…and a car. in 2009 we saw the birth of the blog…and a redesign of the blog and that wont be the last of the changes for the best, im toying with some ideas on what to do on this blog and what to add. think of us as maxim without all the ads. Here’s to hoping this year starts off right and we all wake up next to a hot girl and we dont remember anything…until we look at the videos on our cell phones. heres to hoping you have a great 2010 full of hot girls, sex, booze, and fast cars and thanks for coming here everyday. anyways here we go on with the show.

10. Chanel the Rapping Receptionist.

Her Raps sure are not my cup of booze but she sure as hell is easy to look at. You can find her on Fantasy Factory on MTV or in ads at pacific sun pushing her clothing line. Needless to say she is one of our favorite colors…blond.

Read the full post here

9. Random White/Asian Hybrid of the day.

This one was a local Girl from sacramento but sadly she doesnt live here anymore.

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8. Limited Edition Bumble Bee Camaro

You guys have some great taste in cars. Not only was it a transformer in the movie with that sexy ass megan fox in the next post, it was a camaro. needless to say in 2010 i hope to be inside both…giggidy

Read the rest here

Hit the Jump for the rest of the countdown


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Tuesday’s Obscure Car of the Day

Welcome to another installment of Tuesday’s Obscure car of the day. I know I have been missing in action for the past few weeks but I should pick up on it soon. Today’s car is not obscure however, the way you can order is. If you know the right people and have enough bank you can order you car painted in a Silver Matte called Frozen Grey Metallic from your local BMW dealer. This is possible through BMW’s Individual, Munich’s custom-trim and personalization arm. At the cost of five thousand, if you’re the enterprising/conniving/begging type, you might be able to convince BMW of North America to sell you a car painted in an appealingly shine-free shade of silver as follows.

Click to find out more

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BMW what have you done…………..

Automotive News is reporting that Mercedes-Benz Baltimore vehicle process center has secured a five-year contract to inspect, process, and repair pre-delivery BMW and Mini vehicles arriving in the United States. According to insiders the deal makes economic sense for both companies since current BMW models currently arrive in Charleston, South Carolina, and are shipped to nearby Spartanburg (home of BMWs assembly plant) for inspection and pre-delivery work. However, that plant is “no longer appropriate” once the X3 starts production next year according to Jim O’Donnell, president of BMW North America. O’Donnell says BMW has been looking for an outside contractor, and it was the company’s own purchasing department who proposed the deal. Mercedes-Benz has both the manpower and space to service the additional BMW vehicles, and this arrangement may create additional opportunities for the two companies down the road. Currently the Baltimore vehicle process center handles Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles and will begin processing BMW’s sometime around March 1, 2010.

Call me old fashioned and a skeptic but I wonder if any of these new cars will get a “Pass” or be rejected as being defective and sent back to Bavaria? Mercedes-Benz sure has a great strategy in the works to eliminate the competition. M’whoo-ha-ha-ha-ha. 😉

Courtesy of and Automotive News

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