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Wow 2 slaps in the face in one day…

First bmw has a joint venture with toyota, now disney is gonna buy marvel ent. well i fully expect a baby iron man fighting with a baby hulk about who get to use the special blankey at nap time at the super babies nursery. nice work marvel if i fucking see zac effron in iron man 3 i will call it a day and stop watching anything to do with marvel. unless theres about 30 boob filled minutes with vanessa hudgens ill call it even.


The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) said Monday it agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc. (MVL), the creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men and thousands of other characters, for about $4 billion in the company’s largest acquisition since it bought Pixar Animation Studios in 2006.

The deal opens a new chapter in Disney’s long history, adding a slew of new, globally recognized movie characters – such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor – to its deep bench of classic and contemporary icons. It also adds countless lesser-known storylines and characters that Disney hopes to introduce to the world.


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BMW to join the Dark Side?

BMW and Toyota are in talks to collaborate on future small cars based on the Mini and iQ platform (pictured below).



According to Inside Line and Autocar in the U.K., BMW may possibly use the interior and diminutive platform from the Japanese automaker’s next-gen iQ for its long-rumored Isetta revival, possibly with an electric powertrain. In return, Toyota would gain access to the German automaker’s Mini division – specifically the Coupe and Roadster that were recently shown in concept form ahead of their expected debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September – though its not currently clear what Toyota would do with them (See Pictures below). Neither company has confirmed these reports.


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Cosplay Monday!

I actually didnt have to rush around to make this one. well anyways here it is bright and early this time and ill see what else i can do before i go back to sleep.


hit the jump for the rest

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Scott Pilgrim vs the world to be made into a video game


O’Malley also left a couple comments on his blog, mentioning rumors that the game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade or PSN, saying that the video game sites that reported this info “were apparently just guessing, because no platform has been announced yet.” The one year lead time almost guarantees that the game will be released for the XBLA and PSN. The game is is only in the early stages (only 3-4 weeks) of development. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and is expected to launch worldwide with the release of the film in 2010 (likely Summer or Fall).

consider it copped, and also from the looks of it vol6 of the graphic novel is almost done too bad the movie wont end like the graphic novel. hit the jump for a added plus of what im guessing is a prelude to vol 6 a new poster.

also they have wrapped on the filming of the movie and its going into post production.

hot the jump for the new poster

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Ninja Turtles offer up Relationship advice

SO i stole this from geekologie big whoop, whats that robot lover gonna do? show me his dinosaur collection? anyways the turtles offer up this gem of advice “chicks dig guys that eat out”. touche, ninja turtles, but Personally i quote joe buddens and say “how we going out to eat if you aint swallow?” but im just being classy.


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Kelly Brook in loaded magazine

I dont know who kelly brook is but i think i should know.

Kelly Brook

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DJ am Dies

If you remember a while ago DJ am was in a plane accident and only him and travis barker were the ones to live. Well i guess the final destination movies are true. Travis barker you better watch your self, go hole up in a shack like in the first final destination movie.


Sources tell TMZ prescription pill bottles were found near DJ AM’s body this afternoon.

We’re told his body was found at around 5 PM at his apartment in New York City — he was shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He was face down.

UPDATE 8:35 PM ET: A law enforcement source on scene tells TMZ a glass “crack pipe” was found in his bedroom. The pill bottles were found in the kitchen.

UPDATE 8:10 PM ET: Sources say a pipe commonly used to smoke drugs was also found inside the bedroom.

UPDATE 7:51 PM ET: We’re told his body has not been removed from the apartment.

Story developing…

Read more:


way to use that second chance at life. im pretty sure people will say he was in pain because of the accident but lets say this you take what the doctor prescribes and is on the bottle, dont listen to what one of the olsen twins tell you or what Kelly Osbourne did.

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