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Super Mario 2 with Hardcore commentary

all commentary should be done like this, just hire diedrich bader from neopleon dynamite and have him do it with his rex characters voice. you know the guy with the american flag pants. seriously i hate super mario 2. i beat it for the first time like 3 years ago and i was pissed off, at the end of the vid you will see why. i have the lost levels (the original mario 2) on my wii, and i know why they didnt port that on the NES. ive never cussed so much at a game since that time i was getting beat at monopoly and i flipped the board and said “i dont need this ill make my own boardwalk…with black jack and whoures…you know what forget the boardwalk and black jack”.

via: Geekologie, the bastard who says he loves dinosaurs but wont meet my demands. the offer is still on the table you lady, geekologie writer you get me kanyes severed head in a box for insulting taylor swift and ill supply you with all the dinosaur chicken nuggets you can have sex with…dont act like. that isnt what you will do.

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i dont know who Rachel Stevens is but…

she has a very nice body of work…ive heard shes done fhm, but apparently fhm is only getting printed in third world hell holes or something since its been canceled in the united states.


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Kim Kardashian sadly now is the hotter sister

with khloe being a wookie, kourtney (before preggers was hotter) past that part of pregnancy where her boobs are big but her ass hasnt gotten fat, kim is the hotter sister. ill admit if that ass isnt lummpy shes pretty hot. in these pics shes got some blemishes on her face, but hey no ones perfect. other then that i think the main pic speaks for itself. speaking of something loose, my 360 controller has bit the dust. im such a beast with balrog ive rendered the d-pad loose. if i had a nickle for everytime ive left something loose…id have a pocket full of loose change.


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Tuesday’s Obscure Car of The Day

Sorry for the late post but welcome to HHLE Tuesday’s obscure car of the day. Today’s car is the 2010 TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet. It features a body kit and minor performance gains for the Bentley


This package fits both Continental GT and Continental GT Speed due to the Bentley’s Continental GT Speed radiator grille included into the body kit.

The complete kit consists of:

– Bonnet with additional air intakes
– Radiator grille GT Speed
– Front bumper with set LED daytime lights
– Front bumper lip
– Tinted front and rear lights
– Two composite side skirts with additional air inlets
– Rear bumper and diffuser
– Rear wing
– Exhaust tips
– Black window frames and lower side moldings

Courtesy of

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2 new super street fighter IV vids

i know you guys are sick of this but on the whoure front its kinda slow but later imma do some digging and find more whoures.till then heres the 2 vids. one is with someone using t.hawk and juri the other is a new trailer

new trailer showing dee jay

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Jessica Alba is now a red head.

Tho she looks kinda defeated. shes still top 5 in my book. personally if she married me she would have look still awesome and full of life. that douche bag husband ruined her. isnt that always the thing? girls get married to the wrong guy and he breaks her down and she looks mad defeated? such a shame.


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Yep you guessed it more Super SFIV

so even more has come out and we even have a quarter for the release date for Super SFIV spring 2010. as you can see im all up in this like its megan fox’s vagina. anytime i get something its going up so far 3 characters have been confirmed out of the 10 (now rumored to only be 8 new characters). T.hawk, Dee Jay, and Juri, the rest we are going to have to wait. also after the new teaser trailer there will be more info.

* Super Street Fighter 4 is tentatively set for a spring 2010 release.
* The update will be released on a disc, and won’t be available as DLC (Downloadable Content) — but the game will be priced as an upgrade — not a brand new title.
* As this time, they’re thinking of adding about 8 characters to the game. (Rumors currently have this pegged at 10 fighters total).
* Capcom is planning on adding more features to the online modes. Things so people can enjoy playing as a group. (Sounds like lobbies are in).
* There will be tweaks and balance changes, along with more online stuff and new features the developers are adding in.
* Bonus Stages aren’t 100% confirmed, but it sounds very likely they’ll be making it into Super Street Fighter 4.
* You won’t need the original disc to play this update, but fans who have a copy of SF4 will be, “happy to have held on to it,” as they’ll be receiving something nifty.
* Juri is a Korean Tae Kwan Do fighter and is very important to the storyline.
* They skipped “Champion Edition” and “Turbo” and jumped straight to “Super” for the name of this upgrade because of the scale and size of what they’re planning.

personally i am not happy about the balance changes if my top 3 Balrog, Sagat, or Bison are nerf’d ill be pissed. its bad enough when im using Rog online people spam the fuck out of fireballs on me. well ive always liked a challenge anyways on a side note Juri is looking kinda beast. looks like shes got a flash kick type move and a head stop…i might main her for a while.

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