shit just got real…

while some of us are out changing the airplane game up and making big moves, the others are still grinding out women and being all around awesome. Look at this shit, fuck my balls i might have to pick up forza again. btw look out for a certain car club featuring a certain pirate as the badge, yeah thats us.

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I’m trying to do it B.I.G like its 94′

this after school mixtape is dope, dude samples all the shit i grew up watching.

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Super trailer

Looks like a new movie about a normal guy who wants to be a super hero. all i know is it has ellen page and that girl…her snarky attitude is awesome and next to Ashly Burch they are my nerd girl crush.


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A.B.S – Lifetime (prod. by 2Deep)

Another cut off the Lifetime album from A.B.S. This time a more serious track, check it out, 2 videos in one week.

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Hey Ash: Limbo

A new episode of hey ash is up and it is classic…i ❤ Ash and she should have my illegitimate children. imjussayin also BUY THE SEASON 2 DVD!!! i did and when YOU do put in the comments on paypal a link to here and say "Ash you should totally have his babies"

click the pic to go to the video.


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Captain America: First Avenger

This is beginning to look good, really good. I mean Megan Fox grinding on Taylor Swift good. I had my doubts about this movie but its coming together really nice. Thor is looking a lot less like the better movie.

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A.B.S feat Ncredible – All Hangout music video

Yeah, sorry about the whole dead end on posts. you know how i get start drinking and the next thing you know i am waking up next to 3 porn stars, a cocktail waitress from the bellagio, and this hot Vietnamese/African mixed girl with a twin. anyways Here’s A.B.S’ new video from his upcoming album “Lifetime” shits dope. check the album cover too, you know we will get a review up once hes finished


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