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UPDATE: ABS Interview


update: its now gonna be on at 10:45

update: Download the interview here!

our blog favorite rapper ABS is gonna be interviewed tonight on KSFSRADIO.ORG at 10:30pm (pacific or a hour and 50 mins from now) tonight so do us a solid and listen to the live stream.

go here to listen: just click the link on the left to listen through itunes

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Taylor swift is surrounded by douchebags

FIrst Kanye west and next some douchebag at katy perry’s birthday party. seriously why? now all these people are giving her shit for posing with him. im sure it was pretty much one of those “miss swift please take pics with a few nobodies at the party” deal and she was just shoved with people that she didnt even look at, and this cunt rag thought it was funny do this. he was quoted as saying “it started out as a “X” but it seemed inappropriate so it turned into this”. honestly what kind of backwoods retard jew hating logic does he have? i hope this guy gets super monkey aids. i tried to give dude the benifit of the doubt but there are 2 types of swastikas and hes rocking the douchebag one. so whoever you are guy…go fuck yourself

love, HHLE Staff ❤


hit the jump to see her sans douchebag

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Sorry for the lack of posts

Like i said before we have all been pretty busy. The other Admin with his book learnins, and ive taken up a few freelance graphic design jobs (nothing fancy just some posters, SFIV fightstick art, and some signitures for peoples forum crap why pay me 20 bucks to do something that simple i dont know why.) we have barely had time for crap BUT we will try to get back on track.

With that said here is Katy perry in all her juggsy goodness. i wont post up the whole set, they had some gay guy from american idol and for a gay guy i thought they take better care of themselves. Dudes face looked like it was made out of a beige orange peel. btw also check out the back of the dress.


more of katy perry

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Cosplay Monday!

yeah i know sorry its late but anyways here it is i kinda just put this together from one source so you can see there tags on it and a few others i came across. ill admit this isnt top shlef but there are some decent ones in the mix.


btw yes i know there are some cosplay of naruto and saskue but its girls cosplaying them and contrary to what it seems we do have female readers. and if you ladies do cosplay hit us up and you can be on cosplay monday special…and please be of age. we do not support that illegal hannah montana love.

hit the jump for the rest of cosplay monday

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Katy Perry…is awesome

you know what im not gonna sully this with sexual innuendo, im just gonna leave with this.




hit the jump for more of her awesome rack

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Super Smash Bros Brawl – Subspace Rhapsody

if you remember a while back i posted up super mario galaxy video set to queens “don’t stop me now”, well the guys done it again. this time to queens bohemian rhapsody. there are done pretty awesome is the only way i can say it. the editing on this is better then most videos on mtv. i also added after the jump added a video he did for jet set radio which is a game i think is dope as hell. i mean aside from rollerblading it was a awesomely designed game.

its slow at the begining and then picks up at 3:07 the part of the song everyone knows from waynes world.

btw if you havent noticed posts have been slim. the other admins busy during mid terms and i have my own things going on right now but when everything slows down we will pick right back up like before.

hit the jump for jet set radio

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blake lively has boob acne

Yeah her make up artist should be fired for this. i mean come on you get paid to put make up on and you fail to think of how even if the make up is off by like a hair it wont show up 10X more with a camera flash? i dated a girl once who had make up like that, it was kinda funny…which is why i say “dated” as in the past tense. one little “in pics with your make up it looks like someone put your head on someone elses body and forgot to do a color check” joke and im the hateful bastard. well the point to this is, blake let me be your color make up matcher and i will make sure this wont happen again. I dont care if it takes hours of rubbing different shades on your breasts till we get the right color, i am that dedicated to the job.


hit the jump for more

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