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Hey Ash: Limbo

A new episode of hey ash is up and it is classic…i ❤ Ash and she should have my illegitimate children. imjussayin also BUY THE SEASON 2 DVD!!! i did and when YOU do put in the comments on paypal a link to here and say "Ash you should totally have his babies"

click the pic to go to the video.


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This movie looks awesome

Granted the story might and possibly be dumb…look who stars in it, hot chicks. i will buy a ticket to see this. Plus hot chicks in a crazy house…sounds like all my exes got together and bought a apartment complex.



ReelTalk: Saw 3D Trailer

Whattup whattup. Bit of ReelTalk for you and it’s the trailer for the final chapter of the Saw franchise. It’s pretty short and tbh looks a little lame but I had hope for the series after the last couple films they got better. The 3D thing is played the fuck out thesedays but ehhh I guess if it brings in the money they do what they gotta. Gonna see this, granted I won’t be paying for it (that’s another matter, though) but anyways, hit play and enjoy, here’s your plot…

Survivors from Jigsaw’s previous traps gather to seek support of “self-help guru” and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, but when Dagen’s own dark secrets are revealed, a new wave of terror is unleashed. Meanwhile, Mark Hoffman and Jill Tuck battle over Jigsaw’s legacy.

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Hey Ash, watcha playin’?

Whattup here’s the latest episode of Hey Ash, and this week sees Ash rejoicing in the evident feminism while playing Ico. YEAH! I Ain’t getting in on the other admins kool aid here but damn, watch your back Esco, at the end she looks mad cute. Btw in this episode their dad kills it at the end, classic


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Wife Status: Katy Perry

So California gurl girl Katy Perry covers an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone looking pretty damn smokin’. That douche Russell Brand musta brainwashed her using his spandex pants or somethin’ cause chick is at least 4.8 million levels above his punching weight. Check the pics to see my would be wife looking smash-tastic.


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Reel Talk: Avatar Special Edition

So Avatar gets re-released soon as a special edition type of extravaganza for fans of the original rip off for the general easily fooled public and director James Cameron has promised an extra 8 minutes of brand new footage. Holy fuck, 8 extra minutes? I’m booking my tickets in advance as we speak! Errrrnt. Doesn’t change the fact that you just remade Pocahontas using The Na’vi instead of Indians and changing gold into unobtanium but whatever, aside of the visuals your film sucked guy. Personally I’d save the money you’d spend on the filmand at least get a burrito and a hand job. That 8 minutes > Avatars new 8 minutes. Go fuck yourself Pandora


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Scott Pilgrim Zombie Mode FTW

I Shit you not, fuckers. I shit you not. Despite having Ramona Flower’s 7 evil exes after his ass, now Scott Pilgrim has Zombies to deal with. You hear that Ed? Zombies. Great. Now you’re putting the whole station in jeapordy. Enter the code you see at the end of the trailer to get Zombie Mode in the Scott Pilgrim vs The World videogame, and yes, that’s right bros, it’s full of win. Check it out


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