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Pac man lulz

Its widely known that me and the other admin want to run around like drunken jackasses…well drunken jackasses in cookie monster and elmo costumes in local clubs. our problem is we can never find any quality realistic costumes that dont cost $1000. Now you say “why dont you dip into your booze money?” and we would respond with a slap and/or a wiffle bat to your head. regardless of that i bring you this, a guy running around like a drunken jackass in a pac man and ghost costume and it is hilarious when they fall down face first into hard objects.

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Ok one last SFIV post for this week

Ok before i go back to what you guys love from us we’re gonna take a break from reality. You know we here have a fondness for whoures, but what it comes down to is we all want a girl we can come home to and not be stabbed by. I think this girl is it, her name is choco and she is a beast SFIV blanka player in japan. Some dude in Japan who plays street fighter happen to find (or trained in the ways of sfiv) a cute girl who can beast out on one of the best sagat players in japan, and herself not look like said beast. anyways here is this girl beasting out on one of the best sagat players in japan and some high ranking abel.

hit the jump for one more vid

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SFIV money matches just got interesting

ive been toying with the idea of doing some money matches in SFIV. There is a lot of douche bags id like to shut the fuck up with this and this could be the way to go. one problem…im not a hipster doofus so i dont own a ifail iphone. the scam option on this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay high. its right on par with the no name atm machines you see in shady bars that dont take atm cards in 2010 still. I’ll say this, am i the only one who thinks the editing on this vid looks suspect? like this kevin rose felt doing this video in a kitchen was needed and couldent find one so he did it in front of a bluescreen?

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This image is full of win

Blond? Check
Cute? Check
nerdy? Check

all the requirements for win

updated! gotta love twitter

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the internettys have been going bat shit crazy over this oversized ipod touch ipad. we here at Suit up! are pc, and we have always been pc. i could go on a rant about whats wrong with apples OS but i wont instead ill let hitler scream about the epic fail that is this ipad. and no i wont be posting the mad tv sketch, we do have some standards in jokes. also the video games look like shit like a brokeback backwoods retard Kansas inbreed corn hole crappy control versions of real games on consoles and pc.

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uh other admin john mayer is moving in on your kool aid.

She could be crossing over to the douche side.

At the performance however her affection for him was undeniable. She was cheering enthusiastically in the audience, making hand hearts at him constantly, and the buzz among industry insiders and crew is that they’re definitely dating. Some have even told me that this is why she called it off with Taylor Lautner. Because while there was no spark with Tom Cruise’s mini me, she was compelled to explore the intensity of her feelings for John.

via: Lainey Gossip

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Super Street Fighter IV movie trailer

i already posted the japanese one a day or two ago but heres the official english dub of it. took me a second to realize that juris voice actor is the same one who did the crazy sister in avatar (not that lame ass movie yeah i said it big whoop you wanna fight about it?) the last bender. I forget her name but if you watched avatar you will know who im talking about. anyways i might watch this if this is in a collector edition and it comes with something else i deem good enough to buy.

Edit: ZUKA!!! thats her name from avatar. just hit me lol

BTW Tatsunoko vs capcom is boring as hell most of the tatsunoko characters seem off. waste of 50 bucks, guess you know whats getting traded in when SSFIV comes out.

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