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MovieTalk: A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer

Freddy @ Suit Up

There are a few very fine things in life. Alcohol, HipHop, Movies and Whoures. Given we appreciate all these fine things the next news is gonna make those who also appreciate life’s wonders, pretty hyped. If you do or don’t know, Platinum Dunes has rebooted the Freddy franchise and this year, April I believe to be precise, we get a brand new script, a brand new Freddy, and a brand new Nightmare on Elm Street flick. The storyline (what storyline?) is the usual, the movie opens with Freddy Kruegar as a normal man, being chased by the residents of Elm Street kinda like Frankenstein was in all the old films, knives stakes etc. Freddy runs to an abandoned building which is subsequently set on fire, resulting in him becoming, visually, the Freddy Kruegar we all know and love. Plot follows him just like back in the day, stalking the children of Elm Street and using their nightmares to spring to life and kill them. As a horror fan I’m excited to see this, the reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise was a good one and showed that new life can be made outta the old classics, which is what the genre needs given the recent standard of films being made. Effects are gonna be far better than the old fashioned ones given the advances in techinology since then, and I’m told the character of Freddy is gonna be a lot darker and sinister, which is a relief given how fucking camp he got in the last films. Here’s the latest trailer, enjoy.

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Win: this video is full of it.

i have no idea if this chick is any good but just look at here. back arched and everything. i just have no words or double entendre good enough to speak of this video…just watch and thats all you need.

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Plagiarism; see Nick Simmons

what a douche

Its been widely known that kids of rich famous people are idiots. They grow up with large amounts of money and never have to do anything themselves. Paris Hilton is famous for having a brain riddled with syphilis, nicole richie is famous for having the same strain of syphilis. Gene Simmons son Nick Simmons is no different. He never had to do anything for himself and apparently he feels he doesnt need to come up with his own ideas. someone brought this to my attention that he has a comic and that comic is called “incarnate”. Now i dont pay any attention to comics very much but i have been known to read a 2 mangas from time to time. turns out incarnate is pretty much traced from a super popular manga called “Bleach”. In the past i used to be quite the artist so this is about as bad as getting set up on a double date and them not telling you shes a biggin. plagiarism of art is a horrible thing, then to try to make money off it. after this is done i hope the creator of bleach sues them for everything. i hate gene simmons, his band Kiss sucks, he himself sucks, and now we all see his kid also sucks. nick simmons i hope you get super aids.

more examples here

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cute chicks at the olympics

We all know the Olympics are for the greatest athletes of there field but something has come to my attention. the womens curling teams have some prospects. i mean even one of the teams has blonde twins in school girl dresses, which is win. my knowledge of curling is not a whole lot but i think i may have to take some interest in it now. word is theres even a Women of curling nude 36 month calender, very interesting.

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Kirsten Dunst Cosplaying some anime **NSFW**

Win, plain and simple. tho the NSFW is not because of hot girl on girl action but lame anime nakedness, but hey whatever floats your boat. anyways if you remember our other admin posted the set photos and now i bring you the video, enjoy. we here ❤ japanese girls, tho i always thought Kirsten Dunst had that hot body weird face combo.

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updated: Super Mario Galaxy 2 now with more screenshots!

So when we have some downtime we like to par take in some of the leisurely activities known as video games. we here are fans of 2 games in particular. One being The street fighter franchise and the other being The Super Mario collective. turns out Super Mario Galaxy gets a release date and its May 23rd. granted i have yet to beat the first game or even the latest Super mario bros Wii yet i will still pick this up for the hell of it. I am happy it includes what we like to call him Jyoshi. ill be picking this up on launch date but i cant give you a promise ill beat the game before Super Mario Galaxy 3 comes out.

Click here to view the HD trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2


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NewMusic: JoellOrtiz/Nissan Honda Chevvy

Joell Ortiz @ Suit Up

Another (we’re fucking spoliong you, aren’t we?) new track for y’all to bump. This time we got a quarter of Slaughterhouse in the form of Joell Ortiz goin’ in on the Lloyd Banks beat for Beamer Benz or Bentley titled Nissan Honda Chevvy. Nice track just wish it was longer but he rips it. Enjoy maw’fuckers.

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