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MovieTalk: TheExpendables

The Expendables @ Suit Up

Movie news here at Suit Up. Here’s the trailer for the 2010 action flick The Expendables, featuring Stallone, Schwarzennegar, Jet Li and among others, Steve Austin (his ass better hit someone with the Stone Cold Stunner.) Seems kinds like a lower budget A Team film, I dunno if I can make my mind up about it but I’ll cop the film when it drops cause I like action movies and there’s really not too many good ones these days, here’s I’m hoping this one comes good. Stallone’s an old man now as is Arnie but I’m sure he’s gonna be badass in this. It’s about a team of elite troops on the hunt for a target, a select few men considered ‘Expendable’ to their owners taking on a man with an army who feel he’s indesposable. Explosions, guns and a lotta swearing, could work out pretty well with a few Corona…Anyway hit the trailer below see what you think, I’m hoping this doesn’t disappoint but we’ll see

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NewMusic: Crooked I / Royce / Bun B – Nobody Fuckin’ With Us

Slaughters @ Suit Up

Us again. Another new cut for you, this records incomplete and is gonna feature on Royce’s Bar Exam 3. Features Crooked I and Bun B, the final cut is gonna have Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden on but Royce ain’t lettin’ us have that yet so for now, here’s the first 6 minutes with the three forementioned. By the way at the end of the track Royce shouts out Shady and it feels fuckin’ serious man, with Shady records behind them I can see Slaughterhouse maybe getting that mainstream recognition they deserve. Anyway cut is nice, Bun B is well….Bun B is Bun B lol but Royce and Crook murder the fuck outtta the beat, Joell and Joey gotta do the same if Nickel’s keepin’ the final cut for himself. Hit the jump and enjoy, Slaughterhouse – Nobody Fuckin’ With Us…Peace…For now…

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NewMusic: Joe Budden – Unthinkable

Joe Budden @ Suit Up

Whattup whattup. New music from the good folks here at Suit Up, as always bringing you heat, first. New drop from 1/4 of the newest SHADY recording artsis roster – Joe Budden, title is Unthinkable. Yeah if you ain’t know Shady is now the home of Slaughterhouse, so hopefully Em’s gonna hop on a few Slaughter cuts, and vice versa for Relapse 2. Em/Joey on a deep track = over. Not confirmed if this is a Mood Muzik 4 joint or just to hold us over, either way new Joey is always welcome. Beats mellow as fuck and the flows nice as usual, content dope as fuck but when isn’t it? Nice joint here to chill out to, short but to the point. Hit the jump and enjoy suckas

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Smell Like Iron Man

So Diesel, and more specificly their successful men’s fragrence Only The Brave has teamed up with Iron Man 2 to bring you this warlock:

Diesel : Suit Up

That’s right folks, you, we, everyone, can smell like Tony Starks him-fucking-self. The scent is gonna be the same as the original but obviously the limited edtion box set and colours on the bottle itself make this a must have for me, I probly won’t even use the cologne and just keep it lookin’ brand new but it’s dope none-the-less. Trust Robert Downey Jnr gonna have a bottle of this next to a cardboard cutout of himself in Tropic Thunder lol. Serious though I’ma cop this as soon as I can, drops in stores mid to late april for around $50-$60 – Hey what can I say, I’m a nerd. Peace

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Juri Han song

Someone took Ke$ha’s tik tok song and then made a song for juri han from SSFIV. this could be win if the girl who did this is hot. anyways i found it amusing and pretty decent parody.

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We here, keep it classy…

We do not speak of out sexual escapades in great detail. Why? because each…well lets keep it respectfull and call them “Stumpets” and we keep from the vivid re-telling and keep it as simple as this. well minus the banjo at the end…we use the Gibson Les Paul instead, after all we are not country folk.

All because A gentleman never talks, and a lady never tells.

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MovieTalk: X-Men: First Class / Origins: Wolverine / Origins: Magneto

X-Men @ Suit Up

Whattup whattup. Some movie talk in the form of the X-Men franchise. Marvel have pipe dreams for two additional films, one being a sequel to Origins: Wolverine, and the second, and for me most exciting one, X-Men: First Class, which is gonna get the greenlight pending the success of Magneto.

As far as info on First Class goes, there ain’t much to throw together, just enough to raise awareness right now and for me, I’m hoping they do the series good cause it fell off hard. The plot is said to follow the first ever class of mutants, showing Xavier and Magneto’s early days relationship to break resulting in the eventual exile of Magneto from the outfit. Cyclops, Jean Grey, and the Beast are said to be among the characters portrayed, with an all new cast likely given the general aspect is the cast at their first awakening to their abilities. Hopefully this won’t fuck up cause of the new cast being brought in but if they keep the idea fresh and make it something new and exciting, I think this could reboot the series and bring it back to life but who knows.

As for the Origins: Wolverine sequel, the movie is set to take place in Japan sometime after the first, and the general plot involves Jackman, reprising his role as Wolverine, finding a new love interest out there with more than meets the eye to her. So far it’s just little snippets of info on this as the directors are quick to hush rumors and deny anything thrown their way, but given how disappointing the first flick was I really think Japan could be a savior of a backdrop, visually the first film looked poor, landscapes and effects seemed to clash. Here though I think they can take the beautiful scenery of the country and make it a gorgeous looking film. Soon as we hear any news you’ll hear it, but for now Wolverine 2 is scheduled to start filming early 2011

In other X-Men related news, Magneto seems to have been pushed back to acommodate the new Wolverine flick despite the studios conflicting info that it depended on Magnetos success for Wolvie 2 to be greenlit…Confused? Me too..My guess is 2011 will see Wolverine 2 hit screens for sure, with First Class being anyone’s guess right now, all I know is I;m excited for both, and with Deadpool greenlit officially, I think they’re about to take back the genre with a storm. Watch this space

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