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EarCandy: Game Over – UK HipHop collab

Whattup whattup, been ghost a while apologies, been hella busy with work but as always coming back in style. This a brand new UK hiphop tune by an artist named Tinchy Stryder. Song is a collab from all the UK mainstream heavyweights and its definitely worth checking out. Video features verses from the most popular UK acts right now getting airplay and arena tours so press play and enjoy, here’s the order they spit:



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How is this even possible?

Taylor swift just got gigaton amount of hotter. Its crazy how much bangs and straitening her hair did. Sorry other admin but i am going to do my best to get backstage passes once she comes to town and tell her she smells like expensive wood.

hit the jump for more of this epic hottness

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GameFace: Romona Flowers Tattoo

Whattup whattup, so check it out heres some epic looking Scott Pilgrim artwork, a kick ass tattoo of Ramona Flowers, looks identical to the picture from the book – Reason will know this scene is from the inside cover of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Volume One: Precious Little Life. Shows how the mainstream attention has really made the comics come to life, this said I now want a scott pilgrim sleeve tattooing..Enjoy


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Green Latern trailer

personally i am skeptic about this, but i am with all comic movies

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Sir, I bow before your Rogglyness

My god…he just ran through team japan. His Teammates got Rocked but then he just clusterfucked team japan. This guy is aggressive, i thought i was aggressive but he made me look like my Rog is zoning.

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so much win

Listening to: Kid Cudi – Mojo So Dope
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Mag fest

God i fucking love Ashly Burch. id totally go to this had i known sooner. if im going to the state with the highest rape status (AND THATS A FACT!) i want the raping to be done by Ash. I’m just saying, i trip and fall and oops my pants fall off.

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