Plagiarism; see Nick Simmons

26 Feb

what a douche

Its been widely known that kids of rich famous people are idiots. They grow up with large amounts of money and never have to do anything themselves. Paris Hilton is famous for having a brain riddled with syphilis, nicole richie is famous for having the same strain of syphilis. Gene Simmons son Nick Simmons is no different. He never had to do anything for himself and apparently he feels he doesnt need to come up with his own ideas. someone brought this to my attention that he has a comic and that comic is called “incarnate”. Now i dont pay any attention to comics very much but i have been known to read a 2 mangas from time to time. turns out incarnate is pretty much traced from a super popular manga called “Bleach”. In the past i used to be quite the artist so this is about as bad as getting set up on a double date and them not telling you shes a biggin. plagiarism of art is a horrible thing, then to try to make money off it. after this is done i hope the creator of bleach sues them for everything. i hate gene simmons, his band Kiss sucks, he himself sucks, and now we all see his kid also sucks. nick simmons i hope you get super aids.

more examples here

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Posted by on February 26, 2010 in Anime, wtf?


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