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It’s Official; Beer = Good for you

We hate to say we told you so…Some scientist legend has realised alcohol is good for you. You can’t argue with science bitches.

“Alcohol reduces immune activity, at least to some extent, and [we] suspect that this is the main reason that alcohol consumption is associated with a reduction in severity of rheumatoid arthritis,” says the lead author of the study, James Maxwell, a rheumatologist at Rotherham Hospital in the U.K. “Alcohol may also have a mild painkilling effect.”

Well we knew the latter part but they’re urging people to not flock to bars in celebration. I Literally rolled to my local liquor store to get a fifteen bottles of Bud the second I heard this news. Fuck you arthritis, fuck you.


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ReelTalk: ‘Stone’ trailer

Second trailer debut of the day and it’s my favorite actor Edward Norton’s latest flick, due to drop October and titled Stone. Norton plays the title charcter, Gerald ‘Stone’ Creeson, a convicted arsonist not far from his parole review. His parole officer is one Jack Mabrey, played by Robert De Niro. The film is being sold as a Psychological Thriller, and the plot goes as follows. Stone wants out, he can’t survive behind bars anymore, or so he says, and he wants his girlfriend Lucetta (aka Milla Jovovich) to get him out by seducing and mind fucking his parole officer Mabrey. The results? A dangerous game of cat and mouse between Stone and Mabrey, with Lucetta seemingly unsure as to where her heart truely lies and stuck somewhere in the middle.

Right now the studio is being tight lipped on where the story heads and just leaking the initial phases, but I’m hyped to see this film. Norton is one the most versatile to do it and the character De Niro plays looks right down his street. Check out the trailer and enjoy folks


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Cosplay Monday!

so i figured ill do this, and ill try to post but dont hold your breath. i mean ill be running off my blackberry so yeah its gonna be a whore and a half but anyways heres a huge gallery. dont worry i hooked up the other admin with all the links and he should be picking up my slack no problem.

hit the jump for more

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ReelTalk: ‘Let Me In’ trailer

Whattup. Reel Talk for you here at Suit Up, and the brand new trailer. It comes in the form of the american remake of the critically acclaimed Swedish horror/drama, Let The Right One In – simply retitled ‘Let Me In’.

The basic premise of the film (for those who never caught the original) is as follows; A Quiet town in New Mexico, hidden away from the glamor of media whored crime and bright lights of its surroundings, becomes the setting for numerous violent, seemingly tortureous murders, and the playground of a young girl with an old secret. The girl, played by Kick-Ass’s Chloe Grace Moretz, soon becomes very close friends with a local boy, Owen, who spends his days hiding from the school bullies that continue to torment his childhood. What unfolds is a tale told from two angles, that of love and companionship on the part of Abby and her new found friend Owen, and that of how dark a path love and companionship can lead someone in the form of Abby and her father. Owen becomes suspicious as the killings lead him back to Abby, and finally discovers the connection between the two. Abby isn’t really who she says she is…


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Street Fighter X Tekken…eh

So this whole time they have been talking about this big announcement. something so epic we would be excited, something so awesome. i wake up from a drunk stupor and find this. in the words of mashall from HIMYM “EH”. half the roster i wont use, granted i said that with Tatsunoku vs capcom but that was because i didnt know the characters these i do. i never liked tekken from day one. i played it on ps one and was so salty back then that i wasted my $3.95 on renting that game i havent played one since.

also in september we will hear about new characters in super and new alternate costumes for characters. hopefully new levels, music, and balances

ps probally my last post here for a while. so ill try to get back soon.


More images here at eventhubs


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Walking Dead trailer

Someone from comic con leaked this trailer and it looks awesome. my friend has been pushing me to read walking dead and i lagged it but guess ill get on my D/L game can get the series.

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Que? Giggity

Drunk, Bi, Nerdy, and Hot. Those are the 4 of the things we look for in women here. we always settle for 3 out of 4 but one of the 3 has to always be Hot. anything with out that wont be worth perusing. in this image you will find a 4 for 4…excuse us while we go rage out on our bodies with booze because we were all too drunk and/or passed out to buy comic con tickets.

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