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Hey Ash, watcha playin’?

Whattup here’s the latest episode of Hey Ash, and this week sees Ash rejoicing in the evident feminism while playing Ico. YEAH! I Ain’t getting in on the other admins kool aid here but damn, watch your back Esco, at the end she looks mad cute. Btw in this episode their dad kills it at the end, classic


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Ear Candy: Love The Way You Lie Video

So here’s the video for the Eminem/Rihanna single Love The Way You Lie. I Like it it’s dope especially the effects with the characters playing with fire but I kinda hoped it’d be a lot darker than this from Em’s point of view but it’s still dope, especially the end but I’ll let you see for yourselves. Vid features Megan Fox and for some reason Charlie from lost, lol, go figure? Enjoy peoples, and remember where you saw it first.


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Wife Status: Katy Perry

So California gurl girl Katy Perry covers an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone looking pretty damn smokin’. That douche Russell Brand musta brainwashed her using his spandex pants or somethin’ cause chick is at least 4.8 million levels above his punching weight. Check the pics to see my would be wife looking smash-tastic.


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Haduuuuken!…With your shaft

So I’ll set the scene. The last orders bell has gone, but by now your date is already drunk enough to know that one more Tequila Corona combo is only gonna seal the deal, and better yet, if you’re anything like us, you’re hoping she’ll buy the next round herself. So you get her home, show her your comics and your hip hop collection, or, like us, you literally drag her to your bedroom. You still might need that ace in the hole though right? That one thing that no other guy can offer her, and fellas? If you’re anything like us? You will…

Street Fighter Condoms

HADUUUUUKEN! Street Fighter condoms bitch. These are probably raping all kinds of registered trademarks but they can’t go without posting, these are EPIC. Note that Ryu is probably smashing Chun Li raw here but still, the fact is you can finally Tiger Punch the shit outta that annoying girl next door, that’s right dudes, with your penis.


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Movie Talk – Machete

So a little while back we brought you exclusive news that the fake trailer seen during Grindhouse titled ‘Machete’ was gonna be a feature film this year. Here’s the first OFFICIAL trailer for the film, starring Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Robert de Niro and Michelle Rodriguez – who looks fucking smokin’ in the trailer. Looks dope IMO I can’t wait for this, Trejo been a badass for a minute it’s about time he got his own lead. Storyline follows a former federalli goin’ rogue to take down a corrupt system. Enjoy family


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adrianne curry…shes famous for what now?

I mean i do like my girls nerdy BUT shes milking it like how that whoure olivia munn exploits nerds even tho she hates there guts. i think shes just milking this because she isnt doing anything i mean im not complaining really just look at her.

hit the jump for more


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I hate you robots

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats what you get you mechanical piece of shit i hate you and i hope you die and get robot super aids. watch as this stupid robot cant take a few light stairs.

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