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Lupe Fiasco – Super Fiasco Bros.

one of the best mixtape covers ive seen in a min. Normally i dont post up mixtapes without listening to them first but this was a exception its Lupe he always comes with good music. alot of old tracks from lupe with a few newer songs. defiantly download this, nice laid back music you can sip your booze to on your porch on some old down south Colonel Sanders suit steez.


Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link

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nothing else to post so its Megan Fox’s ass.

Yep slow day and im tired of waiting for my boy to hop on XBL so i can work on my Bison combos so browsing around i found pics of megan foxs ass.

Exclusive: Megan Fox Leaving Lunch In Santa Monica

Hit the Jump for more of the Megan Fox goodness

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“Jennifer’s Body” IS FINALLY HERE

The sexiest horror movie has finally finished shooting after months of keeping horror fans waiting .  It’s with the stunningly beautiful Megan Fox.  The word is she is topless in the film.  I cannot wait to see this.

PLOT: The story of a cheerleader who is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Her “plain Jane” best friend must kill her, then escape from a correctional facility to go after the Satan-worshiping rock band responsible for the transformation.

Watch the trailer (below the poster)   Enjoy.

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body

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Update Still Coming


I know i said a good long time ago that a update was coming, but i never realized how much effort a redesign goes into a redesign. needless to say as you can see in the pic above I am hard at work. as soon as i get all the coding strait and designs clean it will be here. Till then enjoy the fine whoures our other admin has updated with below.

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