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Game Face: Mario Filing Cabinets

Another must have item for the day for the God-like among you. Filing cabinets covered in Mario designs. These are so epic it’s untrue, if I had any use for them at all I’d get these. Actually, even without use I still want them. They’re that good that you’d find use for them, even if it’s just somewhere to put your Scott Pilgrim comics so they can’t get damaged by the touchy, feely, unappreciative friends that come by and tarnish your coveted comic collection with their filthy filthy hands. Check ’em the fuck out

Fuck Yeah!

I’m pretty sure these aren’t for sale it’s just some shit this guy did but they’re dope none-the-less. You don’t realise how awesome a few videogame images can make a boring as shit storage item be.


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Katy Perry…looks like easy clean up to me.

Oh katy perry how awesome it is she dresses like this. i mean its a shame she is gonna marry that douche russell brand but hey what hot girl isnt dating a douche right? thats why i just sleep around and leave them in the hotel room with cab fare taped to the back of there head. what can i say? im a caring person.

hit the jump for more

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Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour Vol.6!!!!

IT HAS A RELEASE DATE!! July 20th 2010. and it is all win. its known here that aside from reading a good broad or two…or three on a slow monday, we like to take part in some of the finer forms of relaxation. the greatest graphic novel saga ive ever read (ok only saga ive read) scott pilgrim will come together on July 20th and i am hyped. here is the cover and some wallpaper for you guys

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Live From RENO!

Yes Yes the 2 of us hit Reno for hot august nights. The whoures were scarce, but the cars were plenty. and we didnt get many pics of either. I was taking pics with my cell phone pretty much lucky for you there 3.2 MP. we got a few pics here and there but nothing really spectacular. last year we were there for like 12 hours but this year we only stayed till 5. All but 2 pics were included because you could see one or both of us in them. In all honesty just a simple glance at the sheer awesomeness that is us would fry your hard drives, blow your minds, and get your girlfriends and/or wives pregnant. We also have other blogs after us so we keep a low profile.



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Seinfeld Reunion!

If you know us you know that were fans of the tv show “Seinfeld”. We have also made posts about a possible “reunion” episode of it on curb your enthusiasm. Also some how Julia-Louis Dreyfus defies the laws of time and got ridiculously hotter since the show.


“I would say, ‘No, there’s no reunion, we would never do that, it’s a lame idea’ … but it might be really funny to do that on ‘Curb’ … and I kept thinking of how we could pull this off, and Jerry was game … so we’re doing a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion show. … We’ll see the read-through, parts of rehearsals, the show being filmed … you won’t see the entire [mock ‘Seinfeld’ episode] … you’ll get an idea of what happened 11 years later [for the characters].”

Asked whether the show will acknowledge Michael Richards’ comedy club scandal, David said, “It’s possible.”

The “Seinfeld” reunion idea will be introduced a couple episodes into the season and will be the show’s main arc this season. The season finale might be an hour-long episode.

“It was like getting on a bicycle,” David said of writing “Seinfeld” dialog again. “Coming up with the right ideas about what they’d be doing 11 years later … that took some thought.”


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Where are these girls?

Whoures are fine and all and if your looking for some strange then whoures are the way to go. Seeing as im in my early 20’s i might need to start looking for someone more stable. You know the fear of waking up with my tesicle glued to my leg because some stalker thought i wanted a commitment when i didnt even give her my name isnt looking to fun anymore. These girls below are a prime example, just look at them playing a old school gameboy together. thats all i want a girl whos cute, plays video games, rocks jordans, a little nerdy, glasses would be a plus but are not a requirement. im just saying, i guess until then its back to the whoures because we both know crazy chicks are hard to give up.



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Iron Man anime trailer

if you remember a few days ago i posted the halo legends now theres a Iron man dude i hope its just a OVA and Robert Downey Jr does the voice for tony stark. anyways here it is looks like no mandarin on this one either tho

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