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NUMMI To Shut Down

I am sadden to say that news reports are coming in from The New York Times as well as Bloomberg which confirm that Toyota will Close the NUMMI facility at the end of the month. 4,500 manufacturing jobs and thousands more from suppliers will soon end decimating the local economy and increasing the burden on the state at a time when unemployment is at an all time high.


Courtesy of New York Times and Bloomberg


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The Core of all Evil………

I have never owned or plan to own an Apple Product. I don’t worship them and think their products are overpriced. To me, being a car guy, Apple is the equivalent to Toyota. All talk and no balls. For those who know about Apple they are by far the most secretive electronics company in the world. Every year they come up with a new iteration of the same product except the make it smaller, faster and add other features. The device is essentially the same yet thousands of idiots wait in line to buy them.


A few days ago news broke out about the death of Sun Danyong, and employee of Foxconn which manufactures the iphone. He was found dead at the base of his apartment building, having fallen 14 stories. Sun Danyong was in charge of shipping a case of prototype iPhones from Foxconn’s facility in China to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters when one suddenly came out short from the shipment and could not be located. Sun Danyong said he did not know what happened but security officials at Foxconn didn’t buy his story and apprehended him to interrogate him, torture him and hold him in solitary confinement. His home was searched numerous times without warning and then he was found dead. His last test messages to his wife have been leaked and read

“My dear, I’m sorry, go back home tomorrow, something has happened to me, please don’t tell my family, don’t contact me, this is the first time that I have ever begged you, please agree to that! I am so sorry!”

I know Apple is very secretive about their technology especially the iphone, but I think this crosses the line


Courtesy of Gizmodo

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Disney should be ashamed of themselves

no this has nothing to do with hanna montana this star wars weekend thing is just horrible. there even a point where chewbacka looks like he took dancing lessons from my friend around the 8:00 mark. He didn’t throw the dice tho, but im sure my friend isnt gonna show him his whole bag of tricks. Throwing the dice, the sprinkler and the running man is all hes got. anyways this is just awful that they do things like this. im not even a big star wars fan. im guessing this is one of the “middle america will love this” things.

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Halo legends comic con trailer

so at comic con they announced halo was gonna get there own anime. “Halo Legends” anime being produced by Studio Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G , Studio4 C, and Toei Animation. pretty much every epic anime studio is in on this. normally these things fail but this is turning out to look pretty good.

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