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Cosplay Monday! : Massive edition

No not biggins…this gallery is HUGE i was just gonna throw down another bleach edition. i started digging around this site and needless to say i have to quote the asian guy from family guy the one that got attacked by a monkey when we all thought it was a atomic bomb ” ohw mui ghawd”. some of this cosplay was slutty as hell and in all honest thought it was pushing the line as boarder line porn. so here is the cleanest of what was there. needless to say ive got about 333652 pics worth of cosplay monday on that site.


hit the Jump for the hugest Cosplay monday yet

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Street Fighter IV gets no DLC Characters reports that a interview with Capcom’s Community Manager Seth Killian that we will not be getting any new DLC characters. let me say this BITCH LOOK AT MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2! OVER 52 CHARACTERS. come on i love this game but come on im tired of the characters already i need more of them to play as. i dont care if i have to pay like 20 bucks for adon ill pay it. fuckers better make plans for the future. [/end rant]


“No plans for additional DLC right now. We want the core game to be a completely functional package, and character DLC could split the user-base.

you rat bastards


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