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Tuesday’s Obscure Car of the Day

Today’s obscure car is the 2006 Daimler Super Eight. It is essentially a fancified Jaguar XJ long-wheelbase sedan fitted with all the top-level XJ options. Daimler began building cars in 1897 and was purchased by Jaguar in 1962. Over the past couple of decades, all Daimlers have been little more than gussied up and rebadged Jaguar XJs the last being the 2002 models.

Daimler once stood for a unique fluted radiator grille cars evoking the memory of a succession of classic automobiles that range from the famous Double Six V12-engined Daimlers of the 1920s that were owned by King George V of England, through to the Sovereign and Double Six models of the 1960s and ’70s. Daimler is Britain’s oldest and most respected marque and has signified luxury, sophisticated style and individual statement.

The car featured here has unique exterior features that include fluted grille and trunk trim, chrome-highlighted taillights, and bespoke wheels. Inside, the car has supple leather, picnic trays, and Daimler badging. Under the hood resides the Ford derived 390-hp, 4.2-liter supercharged V-8 found in the XJR and Super V8 which is good for five-second sprints to 60 mph. Although it shares a lot with the Jaguar The Super Eight will cost nearly $150,000 in the United Kingdom, it won’t be offered here in the U.S.

The new Daimler Super Eight

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XBOX 360 portable?

Sweet Jebus thats all i need is a portable Xbox its bad enough im hooked on this damn thing like crack playing street fighter at ungodly hours now someone made it portable? what ever the cost of this would be i would gladly pay it. thats all anyone needs now, is for me to whoop them anywhere any time in SFIV. check the source link to see a video of it in action.



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Jessica Alba: when she was hotter then megan fox

Yes the times are changing and motherhood has not been kind to her. i guess when she married a douchebag for a husband having to support a child as well as him will take its toll on anyone. here is a nice drop of jessica albas hot past. sorry for the lack of posts its been kinda hectic lately around here. its been pretty dead as of late since everyone is on a shutdown for MJ’s memorial.


hit the jump for the rest and some which are NSFW

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