Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Xbox 360 Review

29 Jul


The long awaited Upscaled Revamp of Marvel vs. capcom 2. Before to get this game you had to pay $100+ to get the xbox version and even $70+ for the Dreamcast (which is the code they used for the Xbox and POS3 version) Version. This game pretty much as Ive seen has the hardest level of competition of any street fighter game Ive ever seen. i have a few minor problems with the game but more technical then gameplay wise.

Gameplay: The game play is the same from the Dreamcast version. aside from the xbox controllers limitations, its not a big change from what im used to. One small problem is the AI on this is dumbed down then the Dreamcasts versions AI. Most of the matches in arcade mode end in a time out judge. The AI for the first few matches just stands there and does nothing. I set the difficulty on expert and its not till the 3rd match the AI steps up and starts getting smart. Only slightly at best after that it just stands there and blocks OR does the same move over and over. The dreamcasts AI was way smarter, right from the start it was a beast. Luckly this game isnt about arcade mode its more about playing a LIVE person not a CPU.

Graphics: Being a 2D fighter game it looks pretty good in HD Considering this isnt a HD remix its actually smooth. The Character quality is smoothed over, because pixelated characters isnt a good look on a big flat screen. Some purist prefer that over the new smoothed over characters and Capcom knows this. Theres 3 options for the characters graphics. theres Original (pixel), smoothed (kind of like a watercolor look i like), and Crisp (which doesnt look that much different from smooth). The backgrounds look better then the other console versions ive seen and all they did was expand the view of the camera. Only thing wrong graphics wise is some characters moves were not made for widescreen like jins supers. when you do them the arm is cut off from where the original 4:3 screen would be. some characters blasts cut short too but its not a huge problem.

Online Play: Now heres what everyone wanted on the older versions. there are a few problems. i only played “player match” online and the lobby part was horrible. first of you have to wait inline to play a match and all you see in the lobby is characters lifebars and names as they slowly go down till the match is over. When the next match starts at least you get to watch the match before you play. once your up online play is smooth like you were playing in your friends living room. My first match i just raped the other guy i didnt even use my other characters. after the match was done he bailed like a bitch (which you should come to expect online now with SFIV). You continue to play until you lose then your back at the end of the line waiting. personally i would like online to be more like SFIV where you go in to a person waiting and get right into a match. Even better play arcade while you wait for someone to look for you.

overall: This is everything i hoped it was gonna be. I woke up this morning like a 5 year old on christmas. I started my download ran down stairs grabbed a red bull came back up and it was already done. Its only a 198mb file size. its probally gonna be like when i first got SFIV, im gonna drop weight because ill be playing this and forgetting to eat and live off vodka and red bulls. Some say that obbessive and unhealthy i just say im living on the Lindsey lohan diet. If you have a XBOX and love fighters download this now. Sorry POS3 your gonna have to wait 2 weeks to get this.

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