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Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Xbox 360 Review


The long awaited Upscaled Revamp of Marvel vs. capcom 2. Before to get this game you had to pay $100+ to get the xbox version and even $70+ for the Dreamcast (which is the code they used for the Xbox and POS3 version) Version. This game pretty much as Ive seen has the hardest level of competition of any street fighter game Ive ever seen. i have a few minor problems with the game but more technical then gameplay wise.

hit the jump for the breakdown and gallery and vid of the gameplay

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Where are these girls?

Whoures are fine and all and if your looking for some strange then whoures are the way to go. Seeing as im in my early 20’s i might need to start looking for someone more stable. You know the fear of waking up with my tesicle glued to my leg because some stalker thought i wanted a commitment when i didnt even give her my name isnt looking to fun anymore. These girls below are a prime example, just look at them playing a old school gameboy together. thats all i want a girl whos cute, plays video games, rocks jordans, a little nerdy, glasses would be a plus but are not a requirement. im just saying, i guess until then its back to the whoures because we both know crazy chicks are hard to give up.



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Eliza Dushku, because somewhere FHM still gets published

Heres Eliza Dushku in FHM sometimes she hot as hell sometimes shes not. Thankfully here she is. today the posts may be light today. MVC2 came out today and a certain biggin lover is gonna get beat down next time we play.


hit the jump for the rest of the pics

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