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Spanish Jack in the box commercials

EPIC no need for commentary, these will be ringtoned lol

hit the jump for the spanish mini buffalo ranch commecial

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Sandisk Summer video contest


im actually thinking of doing this so i thought i would post this up to let some of you know about it. thats pretty much the only memory card ill use for my cell phone.

The contest asks participants to record a 60-second video of happenings from their summer and post it to the SanDisk YouTube site. The grand prize winning video will get $5,000 with the top five videos each week getting $1,000. The top 25 finalists each week will win a SanDisk memory card and card reader. The contest runs now through August 31 and videos can be submitted until August 10.

via:Sandisk youtube

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Megan fox has a secret audition tape

and i kid you not i will not rest until that tape is playing on my xbox in full 1080p resolution on a loop through the whole day. Micheal bay being the douche bag he is, made her wash his car while he filmed it. i guess the old “make them sleep with you” isnt insulting enough so he just made her wash his car. Well rumor has it that Mr. Bay is over compensating himself with all the explosions in his movies…what might also explain she just washed his car. im sure the video wouldn’t be as insulting to her if the first thing you hear in the vids is “hehehe its so small”.


“But the star’s start in Hollywood was anything but glamorous, after director Michael Bay made her clean his expensive car as part of her audition for the role, according to U.K. broadcaster Jason Solomons.
He writes in his film column for the Observer newspaper, “He made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her.”
And Soloman insists Fox was concerned as to where the footage may have ended up, quizzing an embarrassed Bay over the bizarre audition.
He adds, “She said she didn’t know what had happened to that footage. When I put it to Bay himself, he looked suitably abashed — ‘Er, I don’t know where it is either.'”

abashed…lol “i didnt sleep with her because my wang is small FML” im just saying if you got Megan Fox before shes super famous and all you do is have her wash you car? i would have plowed her through a wall, filmed said plowing (and future plowings) then wifed her then put her in transformers.

via:SF Chronicle

hit the jump for more

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Megan Fox at a fashion show

man when you set her next to some old actresses she gets a million times hotter or is that just me? she looks a bit pale in a few but fuck it i dont care. i wouldent mind waking up with her makeup all over my clothes every day. well i will keep it short so heres the pics


hit the jump for more of this sexy paleness of megan fox

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Wednesday movie pick of the day

This was one of the first movies i sneaked in to that i wasn’t mad that i wasted my time. even tho this came out with a unfunny sequel this movie still is hilarious. there are some things that are a little well…gay but thats like 2 1 scene and just close your eyes and your good. it has anna faris (who even in scary movie could touch it) and Ryan Reynolds the asshole i aspire to be…minus the poking under aged girls i do have a line i wont cross.

The Plot:

It’s the dinner shift at Shenanigan’s. Dan, the clueless boss, assigns Mitch, 22, a trainee, to Monty, the smooth talker who chases girls for one-night stands. Dean, a waiter, also 22, feels that life is passing him by. Dan offers him the assistant manager job and gives him until midnight to decide. Other waiters, cooks, and bus boys have their issues and personalities. Bishop, the dishwasher, is their counselor. During this shift, Monty may learn something, Dean makes his decision, Dan makes a play for the not-yet-18 hostess, customers get their comeuppance, the guys all play the in-house homophobic flashing game, the gals demonstrate why they won’t, and Mitch gets the last word.

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