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Emma Watson congratulations you have been upgraded to Whoure.

now the rumor has it that her former boyfriend leaked (dont look at me) this but im not saying its true im just saying here it is and you can look at it if you want. shes 19 so as the great Kramer from seinfeld says “giddy up”. on a side note there “eh” not like jessica alba in her prime see thru shirt epic. i didnt expect much in the first place. BTW the image isnt uploaded to the site or anything that has to do with us for legal “save our asses” purposes.


Hit the jump to a SFW image that previews the link to the NSFW image

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The Joker after the Dark Knight.

so some guy dressed up for the premier and his joker was so on point that people begged him to play the joker some more so he started doing this. he’s pretty good maybe change his voice alittle more and he would be perfect to replace everyone “golden” boy heath ledger.

via: The Joker Blogs YT
via: The Jokers Blog

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Cosplay Monday!

im gonna keep this one short seeing how i just woke up so…here it is cosplay monday. ill admit i skipped on a few of the more whoureish pics but ill see what i can do for next weeks cosplay.


hit the jump for more

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