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Kim Kardashian…epic

Sweet Honey Bee of Infinity, i never thought she was hot but jebus look at these pics. It could just be the skin tight race suit making her epicly hot (tho still not as hot as kourtney), but id totally let her touch it. I’m pretty sure once that suit comes off tho the hotness will leave. I heard shes got a lumpy butt…but there are creative ways to leave that suit on and still get the business done…giggity. A three way with her and her sister kourtney tho…jebus. its so retardely hot even if i began to think of it my head would explode.

bullrun rally 120709

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Tuesday’s Obscure Car of the Day

Today’s Obscure car is the 1999 Ultima GTR. It is a kit car made by Ultima Sports Ltd. The car is a essentially a do it yourself supercar in every sense of the word. Under the hood you will find a 6.3 liter Chevy V8 producing 543 bhp and 528 lb-ft of torque. This is capable of producing a top speed of over 200 miles per hour.

The GTR uses the chassis and suspension package already road and race tested in the company’s existing Sports model but with improved Aerodynamic.

You can order the GTR as a turnkey supercar or in component form, for assembly at home.

Tuesday's Obscure Car of the Day

Courtesy of Ultima Sports Ltd

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Hudgens is gonna nude up in a new movie.

and her being in my top 5 thats full of win. We all have seen the leaked pics and shes aged very well and why not flaunt your body. im all with hot famous chicks showing off why cant more of them do it? when i watch that new movie with Megan Fox i know i wont be the only one in the theater say “come on titty!” in there head.


“I’m playing a character named Blondie and it’s set in a brothel in the 1950s, so there’s not a whole lot of clothes,” Hudgens told U.K.’s Metro.

…”‘I think this is my time to really step it up and get to grow up,” she said. “It will be somewhat different with the content and a few more foul words but that’s the biggest difference.” (Source)

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Review: Mad Katz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick


Taken From the Box:

Armed with the Xbox 360 ‘Street Fighter Iv Arcade FightStick From Mad Katz, your foes will tremble in terror as you mercilessly drain there heath bar with a flurry of effortlessly executed fireballs and fierce combos. Style and comfort reign supreme with an authentic arcade experience featuring Japanese-style joystick & buttons, multi-speed Turbo Functionality and Officially Licensed artwork portraying your favorite characters (blog writers note i dont see Sagat OR Balrog so my favorites are not portrayed). The FightStick puts the arcade experience right in your lap, making it the perfect weapon to bring your fighting skills and level of gaming enjoyment to new heights. SHOTYUKEN!!!


This couldn’t be farther from the truth. without the fightstick my “foes” were all ready shook of me. moves were performed far from effortlessly. The Buttons were the worse part, i would be aiming to hit the Fierce kick and i would be hitting medium kick. The turbo feature is essentially useless to me, seeing the fact i can punch and kick like that just as fast with the triggers on the xbox 360 controller. Like stated above whose favorite characters are they talking about? these are the favorites of as people on XBL state are “noob”, cheap spam fighters, and die hard Ryu and Ken jock riders. Wheres Sagat? Balrog? Bison? Sakura? hell even id even settle for Akuma. this by far wont bring my fighting skills even higher then they all ready are. In fact this made me so ass-tastic, that even one of our new readers who i thoroughly raped with Balrog could have beat me. I basicly paid 90 bucks to be sub-par with bison and shit-tacular with the rest of my favorite characters. also it was uncomfertable to play even when i set it a small table i felt carpal tunnel syndrom kicking in using it

Hit the jump for more pics of the unboxing, contents, and extras

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