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Missouri looks like a nice place

to get your car washed. the hooters here maybe like 3 girls there are ridiculously hot the rest are more “yeah yeah blah blah wheres my chicken?”. im just saying if you’ve been to one and are not easily impressed then you know what im talking about. next time they have one we should go and “document” the other admins got a car that pretty much requires at least 3 hooters girls to wash it.


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Whoures whoring it up with Video Games

Enjoy the gallery featuring whoures whoring it up with video games that I jacked from those pricks at HolyTaco. I sneaked in one a few whoures whoring it up with tech and J’s.

edit: you think they are gonna swagger jack us even more? our other swagger jacker has chilled since my last shots at him.

Whoures whoring it up

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Cosplay Monday: Late Edition

Yeah sorry about this being way late i picked up a fight stick for SFIV and needless to say that shit is a waste of money. i payed 90 bucks to play bison. all my other characters sucked on it. So ill say this…if your not a Arcade rat pass on the Fightsticks. i think imma do a review of it later. anyways back on with the show heres cosplay monday i made it kinda big to make up for it being late.


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