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A.B.S. and Skullneck Records sign Label Deal with Johnny Pump Ent. & Amalgam Digital


Thats Right its official, A.B.S is signed. Been a long time going I’ve know dude for quite some time since around 2003. Nobody grinds harder then A.B.S. hes on Johnny Pump and Amalgam Digital (yes the same as Joe Budden Amalgam Digital).

here’s the press release sent to me:

New York– BROOKLYN, NY. July 13th, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Johnny Pump ent. announced today that it has entered into a label deal with Skullneck Records, the imprint from artist A.B.S. Under the structure of the deal, A.B.S. will sign and develop artists on the Skullneck imprint, which will be distributed by Amalgam Digital. The first release expected from Skullneck/Johnny Pump will be A.B.S. and The Last Brain’s 2nd LP (first under the new agreement), whose album is slated to come out by the end of the summer. The full terms of the deal are undisclosed.

Johnny Pump was co-founded by NY rapper Icadon, grammy award winning producer Rockwilder and media mogul Rahman Dukes.

More info on A.B.S. is available at

Now when you see this dude on MTV slapping up the hoes from the Hills remember where you saw him first. Thats what we do here…bring you all the exclusives. We’re working very hard (as hard as 3 drunken whoure mongers and 1 hip hop horror movie buff can do) so you dont have to.

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Sorry for the posts.

I know things have been pretty slow on here every ones off on there own thing and we try to post on here as much as we can. and hopefully things will get back up to speed. I know my joke game has been off and i haven’t been posting. but up before tomorrow ill have a special announcement from out favorite rapper A.B.S and a personal review of the Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick i picked up today.

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Cosplay Monday: Late Edition

Yeah sorry about this being way late i picked up a fight stick for SFIV and needless to say that shit is a waste of money. i payed 90 bucks to play bison. all my other characters sucked on it. So ill say this…if your not a Arcade rat pass on the Fightsticks. i think imma do a review of it later. anyways back on with the show heres cosplay monday i made it kinda big to make up for it being late.


hit the jump for the huge gallery

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When Playing Street Fighter gets cheap

First off this isnt me lol. When your playing Street Fighter online things start to become cheap. Guys sit there and spam hadoukens or play “turtle” and attack you when you attack. Theres some Bullshit moves like where people can hit you fall before you do and throw there ultra and shit gets annoying after a while. Yet us Street Fighter Junkies keep coming back lol. Last night i was playing my friend who is a beast with blanka and i was getting so pissed i was cussing in spanish lol

PS. the vids are NSFW dude to the language but fuck there funny.

hit the jump for part 2 of this vid

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