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Looks like Me and Taylor swift have some more things in common.

Yeah the Future mother of my children has the same problem as i did as a child, doing the same jackass thing you did before, because sadly we never learn. as the other admin tries to up show me in posting Megan Fox, i refer you guys to the countless posts i have made and this will all be a hilarious footnote later, that me and taylor tell our children about. along with this story ive included pictures from a obvious song about me and her at the point in my life where i wasn’t looking for the epic nerdy girl.


“I was always that little kid who would run around picking up used sparklers off the ground and I would inevitably pick up the SCALDING HOT BURNING end that was still smoldering,” she writes on her MySpace Celebrity blog. “Then cue the screaming bloody murder in front of everyone and running into the house to ice your hand.”

The country star, 19, recalls then watching the adults “shaking their heads because they saw you do the same thing last year.”

ah yes just like the time i was playing baseball in the back yard and i said “there house is too far back this wont reach them” because it was attached to a batting tee by a rope. needless to say 2 years in a row the rope would break because it was sitting in the sun all summer, and i home runned it into there patio and 2 years in a row the slow kid next door took the fall.

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Taylor Swift in glamour

Whats this? a post before 2pm? thats right ive actually woken up before the crack of noon. Anyways i guess our other admins so-called “love” of Taylor Swift missed this, and you know what that means right? I’m wifeing Taylor Swift up, its my kool aid now son. I am up on my Megan Fox game and i just one upped you in your Taylor Swift game, your move.


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