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Some hot girl nerds it up

she seems to be of importance once and now all she does is take pics to get nerds. either way…id plow, she seems like she has attention whore, daddy issues (i think she married to some guy from the brady bunch) and we all know how they solve that dont we?

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Ami Tokito: hot japanese idol

Japan is weird, but the girls are hot.

Name: Ami Tokito
Birthdate: September 25, 1987
Home: Tokyo
Sizes: 90/58/86 cm

and giggity she rocks glasses, and is a cosplayer

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Audrina Patridge, because FHM still prints some where.

Because in the USA FHM Magazine is dead, and is the sole reason i have a Maxim Subscription till 2014 and only paid 9 bucks. anyways heres audriana patridge in a bikini and when i look at her i think of how beautiful man made mountains can be. two things come to mind…mount. rushmore and her breasts. well technically thats 3 but hey just look at them. normally im not one for breast enhancement but i think i can make a exception.

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Ok one last SFIV post for this week

Ok before i go back to what you guys love from us we’re gonna take a break from reality. You know we here have a fondness for whoures, but what it comes down to is we all want a girl we can come home to and not be stabbed by. I think this girl is it, her name is choco and she is a beast SFIV blanka player in japan. Some dude in Japan who plays street fighter happen to find (or trained in the ways of sfiv) a cute girl who can beast out on one of the best sagat players in japan, and herself not look like said beast. anyways here is this girl beasting out on one of the best sagat players in japan and some high ranking abel.

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We <3 the Shiny

its widely known that me and the other admin are a few things. Bourbon soaked, whore mongers, and part time womanizers. Now heres the thing we have a few weaknesses for. those are our favorite colors, blonds, burnettes, that previous stated in bright colors, but more importantly…them in shiny anything. so i saw they had space invader leggings for chicks on a tech site and then i was directed to there actual store and needless it became blog worthy. ill just let the pics speak for themselves and say this…bless them for there designs.

any sales this site makes from us they can thank us by shooting us a few models our way for a “exclusive” inter…who am i kidding its gonna be a night of drinking and poor choices.

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Cosplay Monday!

Yes its that time again and unlike last week this one is earlier. little harder this week to compile something good its small but hey its better then re-doing some posts i did last time. Remember were the only ones who continually do new things and never repost the same thing twice…and if it happens most likely we were drunk. btw ive learned of some naruto cosplay called “sexy no jutsu” …apparently its hot girls making sexy female versions of certain characters like below.


fishnets FTW!

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oh jebus *NSFW*

**UPDATE: As you can clearly see in the picture she is holding a Razor, which at last count was a few years old, meaning these are pictures not released from the first set we have seen. Regardless they are still epic and I hope to see more of Vanessa like this.

**update part two shes holding what appears to be the razr v3xx which came out mid 2007. thus making these a new set. i dont remember her having a phone in the previous pictures. but a few mins of googling she is much older in these ones then previous and i deem these a new set of nudes. touche!

**UPDATE: Touche! Regardless they are burnt in my memory by now

**update hopefully her legal team doesnt hit us. they have been out making wild accusations about these pics. After digging we are safe

It was like waking up…to well Vanessa hudgens nude. I hope this is a coming trend of hers, and i hope her next move is to out that mo zac effron. If you were to look at my facebook it said that shes my future wife lol. I’d expect nothing less from her, in fact i expect more to come from her.


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