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Street Fighter intro to finals at evo2k10

I will admit i am a fan of video game rap and this guys game is on point, just one problem…the image doesnt match the voice. as you know ive hung out with a few rappers over the years and as much as it sucks a image goes with it. he could do some damage in hip hop/video game rap if he fixes his image.

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NewMusic: Joe Budden – Hello Expectations

Joey @ Suit Up

Slaughterhouse saturday here at Suit Up, second joint I’m blessing you with is a new cut from Joe Budden, and the first leak off Mood Muzik 4 titled Hello Expectations. Nothin’ else to say other than this: YOU IN THAT MOOD YET? Joey fucking murders this joint, beats crack and content is the usual Budden heat. Hit the jump and enjoy suckas

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Music From Zelda

So heres a guy playing all the music from zelda the ocarina of time on various instruments. funny thing too i was thinking of getting this game on the Wii’s Virtual console this morning.

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we got some Pictures to burn kids

Sorry i couldn’t think of a better title but last night it was brought to my attention that there is a epic video of taylor swift doing 3 things we love hot girl stalkers, tight shiny pants, and muscle cars. Taylor swifts video has all 3. Then stated that one could not find screen shots of said tight shiny pants stalking hot girl i was bound to find them. so whilst having my daily crack red bull i find a treasure trove of screen shots, and here they are in all there stalking shiny pants hot girl driving a muscle car glory.


hit the jump for a huge gallery and the video

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