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Hey Ash: Limbo

A new episode of hey ash is up and it is classic…i ❤ Ash and she should have my illegitimate children. imjussayin also BUY THE SEASON 2 DVD!!! i did and when YOU do put in the comments on paypal a link to here and say "Ash you should totally have his babies"

click the pic to go to the video.


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Adventure Games II

So it finally dropped…Bout time, ahem. Season 2 finale of Hey Ash dropped today and here it is, Adventure Games Part II. This episode is totally animated and totally awesome. Great way to close out this season and I can’t wait for the next one, enjoy suckas.


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha playin’?

Whattup whattup. It’s Sunday at that means it’s time for Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? This time out it’s adventure games, and how Anthony thinks they need to cover more old fashioned adventure games in their episodes. Dad appears for like 3 seconds but steals it as always. Tune in next week for part II! Enjoy family


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GameFace: Hey Dad, Wacha Playin’? Monkey Island

So here’s a special Hey Ash episode for you to feast on midweek, I know, we’re too good to you. This time Dad’s just lookin’ for a nice, old fashioned comedy game. And cake, too. Enjoy.


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Rhythm Heaven

Second Hey Ash of the day, I know, I know, my fault. Shuttup already. This time around Ash makes a badass beat using Rhythm Heaven, PS cameos from Dad are ftw, enjoy


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Mass Effect 2

So I’ve been mad busy working twelve hour shifts so I can afford to move out this dump i live in, and completely, unforgivingly, forgot about the Hey Ash episodes. To make it upto you we have two brand(ish) new episodes starting with the first, where Ash and the fam try their hands at therapy and Mass Effect 2, enjoy


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Hey Ash, watcha playin’?

Whattup here’s the latest episode of Hey Ash, and this week sees Ash rejoicing in the evident feminism while playing Ico. YEAH! I Ain’t getting in on the other admins kool aid here but damn, watch your back Esco, at the end she looks mad cute. Btw in this episode their dad kills it at the end, classic


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