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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Adventure Games II

So it finally dropped…Bout time, ahem. Season 2 finale of Hey Ash dropped today and here it is, Adventure Games Part II. This episode is totally animated and totally awesome. Great way to close out this season and I can’t wait for the next one, enjoy suckas.


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha playin’?

Whattup whattup. It’s Sunday at that means it’s time for Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? This time out it’s adventure games, and how Anthony thinks they need to cover more old fashioned adventure games in their episodes. Dad appears for like 3 seconds but steals it as always. Tune in next week for part II! Enjoy family


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Rhythm Heaven

Second Hey Ash of the day, I know, I know, my fault. Shuttup already. This time around Ash makes a badass beat using Rhythm Heaven, PS cameos from Dad are ftw, enjoy


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Hey Ash, watcha playin’?

Whattup here’s the latest episode of Hey Ash, and this week sees Ash rejoicing in the evident feminism while playing Ico. YEAH! I Ain’t getting in on the other admins kool aid here but damn, watch your back Esco, at the end she looks mad cute. Btw in this episode their dad kills it at the end, classic


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Hey Ash, Whatcha playing?

I just stumbled on this web show and it is hilarious. Its a show created by a brother and sister named Anthony (heh tony heh ton) and Ashly burch and each episode is inspired by whatever game Ashly is playing. this one is smash bros and its something ive done to people…because i am that much of a asshole. Let me tell you this, they had it coming…they stole my kill and then i got knocked off the ledge. I dont forget things you know who you are and ill do it again…bitch. Sonic and bowser are waiting.

btw in the lips episode…ashly goes all wife status with the long hair…imjussayin.

hit the jump for a few more i like

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