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Cosplay Monday!!

I just rolled out of bed to my neighbors asking me for a favor and then saying sorry because they think I am hung over everyday…granted that is partly true. I’ve reached a level when hangovers are a thing of the past. anyways her is cosplay monday you guys love. seems each week its a huge gallery every time. Hey can’t say i dont spoil you guys right?

hit the jump for the rest in a huge gallery

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Super Street Fighter IV movie trailer

i already posted the japanese one a day or two ago but heres the official english dub of it. took me a second to realize that juris voice actor is the same one who did the crazy sister in avatar (not that lame ass movie yeah i said it big whoop you wanna fight about it?) the last bender. I forget her name but if you watched avatar you will know who im talking about. anyways i might watch this if this is in a collector edition and it comes with something else i deem good enough to buy.

Edit: ZUKA!!! thats her name from avatar. just hit me lol

BTW Tatsunoko vs capcom is boring as hell most of the tatsunoko characters seem off. waste of 50 bucks, guess you know whats getting traded in when SSFIV comes out.

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Cosplay Monday!

Sorry this is late but today was shit and well i said fuck it and went to sleep so anyways here cosplay monday.

hit the jump for more

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Cosplay Monday!

Yep like clock work this is going up and on time for once. Ive been building this one up for the whole week so it seems pretty huge and all that quality you have come to expect. we also got a album review going up later int he afternoon so be sure to check that one out.

hit the jump for more cosplay

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now wolverine has a anime that makes no sense

If you remember a few days ago almost as soon as they became available i posted up the halo AND Iron Man anime teasers way before they hit the nerd blogs. Well now theres a wolverine and Closet robot sympathizer and widely known Dinosaur hater posted up the Iron Man one Late but the wolverine one i missed, And with good reason. looks like a epic fail, because we all know that wolverine didn’t get his adamantium claws till the 80s not in feudal japan. unless its some weird time line where its the future but looks like the past.

via: Because we all know when the robot apocalypse comes you will be there to greet them with chocolates and roses. yeah YOU just read that 😉

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Iron Man anime trailer

if you remember a few days ago i posted the halo legends now theres a Iron man dude i hope its just a OVA and Robert Downey Jr does the voice for tony stark. anyways here it is looks like no mandarin on this one either tho

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