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Super trailer

Looks like a new movie about a normal guy who wants to be a super hero. all i know is it has ellen page and that girl…her snarky attitude is awesome and next to Ashly Burch they are my nerd girl crush.


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Dear girls who got in to scott pilgrim because of the movie…

you disgust me and your failure at a Ramona Flowers Cosplay sicken me…granted I will still be willing to lie to your face, tell you your cosplay is awesome and then proceed to sleep with you. That’s just because I am a class act and stay true to who I am.

Anyways Here is a girl who does the cosplay right….please take note.

P.S. she is missing the face on the hammer, but ill let her get a pass.

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Katy Perry in a cat suit…

easy clean up…

‘Nuff said.

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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha playin’?

Whattup whattup. It’s Sunday at that means it’s time for Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? This time out it’s adventure games, and how Anthony thinks they need to cover more old fashioned adventure games in their episodes. Dad appears for like 3 seconds but steals it as always. Tune in next week for part II! Enjoy family


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Scott Pilgrim: The Boxset

So if you’re anything like us here at SuitUp you probably have all these individually already, and, if indeed you are anything like us here at SuitUp, you’ll still cop this just for the exclusive poster…

Dropping November is the complete Scott Pilgrim graphic novel bozxset, consisting of volumes 1-6 inclusive and for the pretty nice price of about $72. I’m UK so I gotta pay shipping, granted, but it’s still a steal given the conversion rate (god bless you, America) and of course how fucking awesome the issues are. I Expect with the movie dropping that this is gonna fly out the stores at Christmas, about right for the DVD too so it’s a smart move to box them all together like this. A Must have for any true fan.


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Cosplay Monday!

so i figured ill do this, and ill try to post but dont hold your breath. i mean ill be running off my blackberry so yeah its gonna be a whore and a half but anyways heres a huge gallery. dont worry i hooked up the other admin with all the links and he should be picking up my slack no problem.

hit the jump for more

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Que? Giggity

Drunk, Bi, Nerdy, and Hot. Those are the 4 of the things we look for in women here. we always settle for 3 out of 4 but one of the 3 has to always be Hot. anything with out that wont be worth perusing. in this image you will find a 4 for 4…excuse us while we go rage out on our bodies with booze because we were all too drunk and/or passed out to buy comic con tickets.

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