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GameFace: Romona Flowers Tattoo

Whattup whattup, so check it out heres some epic looking Scott Pilgrim artwork, a kick ass tattoo of Ramona Flowers, looks identical to the picture from the book – Reason will know this scene is from the inside cover of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Volume One: Precious Little Life. Shows how the mainstream attention has really made the comics come to life, this said I now want a scott pilgrim sleeve tattooing..Enjoy


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GameFace: Hey Ash, Wacha Playin’? Adventure Games II

So it finally dropped…Bout time, ahem. Season 2 finale of Hey Ash dropped today and here it is, Adventure Games Part II. This episode is totally animated and totally awesome. Great way to close out this season and I can’t wait for the next one, enjoy suckas.


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GameFace: What if Mario had Facebook

I Wish this shit was true, makes me wanna start making superhero facebooks and shit, and no, that’s not nerdy – Unless it turns you on in which case it’s very fucking nerdy. You know when there’s that one awkward status comment that makes shit go pear shaped and the next time you see duke you’re like errrm….Yeah…. Tough right? imagine if you had to fight Bowser the next day man, Italian plumbers got feelings too.


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GameFace: Mario B’day Poster Art

So here’s a dope poster for the recent Mario 25th anniversary made up of some typography from the game itself. A Must have for any Mario fan, I been searchin’ everywhere to try cop this for the apartment but having no luck, if anyone can find this then lemme know cause it needs to be splashed on my wall. In the meantime check it out, I think it’s pretty nice


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Dress Like: Scott Pilgrim

Whattup. First off sorry it’s been quiet but honestly, there’s been nothing wortwhile to release music wise and movie wise all the news is bs that you wouldn’t wanna read. Thanks for baring with us though it’s appreciated and we’ll reward you soon, just keep checking. Now this is full of win. If you ain’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet (WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN AND WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?) then you won’t be familiar with exibit a:

Pixelated skull tee worn by Michael Cera’s character Scott in the movie. Courtesy of the good folks at, and only $17.99 plus shipping, personally this is a steal. Now we know you’re not into that whole dress like the stars thing and we ain’t either, but this is a dope tshirt for all you comic bookers/gamers out there


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So some employee of Sega goes travelling the world for a month and comes back to see his co-workers transformed his desk into Green Hill Zone from the Sonic series. This is epic beyond epicness. I’d love my desk to be like this at work, in fact I might just get busy making a decorative game-themed effort myself tomorrow and saturday while I’m busy not doing what they pay me to do. Check out the video this is awesome


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Game Face: Mario Filing Cabinets

Another must have item for the day for the God-like among you. Filing cabinets covered in Mario designs. These are so epic it’s untrue, if I had any use for them at all I’d get these. Actually, even without use I still want them. They’re that good that you’d find use for them, even if it’s just somewhere to put your Scott Pilgrim comics so they can’t get damaged by the touchy, feely, unappreciative friends that come by and tarnish your coveted comic collection with their filthy filthy hands. Check ’em the fuck out

Fuck Yeah!

I’m pretty sure these aren’t for sale it’s just some shit this guy did but they’re dope none-the-less. You don’t realise how awesome a few videogame images can make a boring as shit storage item be.


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