Reel Talk: Unstoppable Trailer

11 Aug

New trailer for you movie fans out there, it’s the latest action/drama film to hit us from Tony Scott and is called Unstoppable. Denzel Washington plays Frank Barnes, a veteran train engineer who’s assigned to show newbie conductor Will Gordon (Chris Pine) the ropes.

Word gets out that a freit train carrying cart after cart of poisonous gas and combustable fluids is flying down the tracks, unmanned, and headed towards destroying a city when it reaches the end of the line. Barnes and Gordon work together in their own train to try and get alongside the runaway and bring it to a safe stop before it’s too late for everyone.

The film is inspired by the Crazy Eights train incident in 2001, in which a regular trainmaster named Jon Hosfeld jumped aboard a runaway train and pulled it to a hault before it was able to cause any damage. Not in any way similar to The Taking of Pelham 123 aside of there being a train involved, it’s a different tale and I’m gonna watch this really cause Denzel is one of the best to do it and it looks like edge of the seat type suspense in a lotta scenes. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think


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