Game Face: Mario Filing Cabinets

11 Aug

Another must have item for the day for the God-like among you. Filing cabinets covered in Mario designs. These are so epic it’s untrue, if I had any use for them at all I’d get these. Actually, even without use I still want them. They’re that good that you’d find use for them, even if it’s just somewhere to put your Scott Pilgrim comics so they can’t get damaged by the touchy, feely, unappreciative friends that come by and tarnish your coveted comic collection with their filthy filthy hands. Check ’em the fuck out

Fuck Yeah!

I’m pretty sure these aren’t for sale it’s just some shit this guy did but they’re dope none-the-less. You don’t realise how awesome a few videogame images can make a boring as shit storage item be.


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