Haduuuuken!…With your shaft

02 Aug

So I’ll set the scene. The last orders bell has gone, but by now your date is already drunk enough to know that one more Tequila Corona combo is only gonna seal the deal, and better yet, if you’re anything like us, you’re hoping she’ll buy the next round herself. So you get her home, show her your comics and your hip hop collection, or, like us, you literally drag her to your bedroom. You still might need that ace in the hole though right? That one thing that no other guy can offer her, and fellas? If you’re anything like us? You will…

Street Fighter Condoms

HADUUUUUKEN! Street Fighter condoms bitch. These are probably raping all kinds of registered trademarks but they can’t go without posting, these are EPIC. Note that Ryu is probably smashing Chun Li raw here but still, the fact is you can finally Tiger Punch the shit outta that annoying girl next door, that’s right dudes, with your penis.


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