ReelTalk: ‘Stone’ trailer

26 Jul

Second trailer debut of the day and it’s my favorite actor Edward Norton’s latest flick, due to drop October and titled Stone. Norton plays the title charcter, Gerald ‘Stone’ Creeson, a convicted arsonist not far from his parole review. His parole officer is one Jack Mabrey, played by Robert De Niro. The film is being sold as a Psychological Thriller, and the plot goes as follows. Stone wants out, he can’t survive behind bars anymore, or so he says, and he wants his girlfriend Lucetta (aka Milla Jovovich) to get him out by seducing and mind fucking his parole officer Mabrey. The results? A dangerous game of cat and mouse between Stone and Mabrey, with Lucetta seemingly unsure as to where her heart truely lies and stuck somewhere in the middle.

Right now the studio is being tight lipped on where the story heads and just leaking the initial phases, but I’m hyped to see this film. Norton is one the most versatile to do it and the character De Niro plays looks right down his street. Check out the trailer and enjoy folks


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