ReelTalk: ‘Let Me In’ trailer

25 Jul

Whattup. Reel Talk for you here at Suit Up, and the brand new trailer. It comes in the form of the american remake of the critically acclaimed Swedish horror/drama, Let The Right One In – simply retitled ‘Let Me In’.

The basic premise of the film (for those who never caught the original) is as follows; A Quiet town in New Mexico, hidden away from the glamor of media whored crime and bright lights of its surroundings, becomes the setting for numerous violent, seemingly tortureous murders, and the playground of a young girl with an old secret. The girl, played by Kick-Ass’s Chloe Grace Moretz, soon becomes very close friends with a local boy, Owen, who spends his days hiding from the school bullies that continue to torment his childhood. What unfolds is a tale told from two angles, that of love and companionship on the part of Abby and her new found friend Owen, and that of how dark a path love and companionship can lead someone in the form of Abby and her father. Owen becomes suspicious as the killings lead him back to Abby, and finally discovers the connection between the two. Abby isn’t really who she says she is…


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