Street Fighter X Tekken…eh

24 Jul

So this whole time they have been talking about this big announcement. something so epic we would be excited, something so awesome. i wake up from a drunk stupor and find this. in the words of mashall from HIMYM “EH”. half the roster i wont use, granted i said that with Tatsunoku vs capcom but that was because i didnt know the characters these i do. i never liked tekken from day one. i played it on ps one and was so salty back then that i wasted my $3.95 on renting that game i havent played one since.

also in september we will hear about new characters in super and new alternate costumes for characters. hopefully new levels, music, and balances

ps probally my last post here for a while. so ill try to get back soon.


More images here at eventhubs


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