First Look: Green Lantern Costume

16 Jul

Whattup whattup. We know it’s been a little quiet here, but in truth the world seems quiet at the moment and there’s nothin’ we can do but keep downing Disarrono, and keep eyeing that cute chick at the table. Anyways movie news and here’s the first look at the all CGI costume for Ryan Reynolds character Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern flick. Personally I think it’s dope, they got the casting spot on just like they did picking Reynolds for Deadpool, watch him kill that role this man is way versatile and underrated as an actor. I wanna see this film pretty much to see how they work it more so than the actual content but it’s looking pretty nice visually, plus Blake Lively or whatever the hell she’s called could totally touch my penis (I’m jus sayin’) so that’s added cannon fodder for the films ammunition.

Its the first ever complete CGI suit on a human actor (as far as I’m aware, if that’s wrong intel, then fuck you, I’m drunk) and I can’t wait to see it live action. Let us know what you think

Green Lantern @ Suit Up


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