Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Screenshots

26 May

Well I am gonna make 2 with one shot. first off shout out to a good friend and a loyal reader who checks us out daily, me and the other admin (he was part of the grooms men) attended his wedding. I’m not at liberty to say anything that went down but ill say this, we normally dont condone any form of marriage but we whole heartily support this. you did good man you did good.

now on to the MVC3 part. here are some screen shots from a direct feed of the game. it looks awesome they are going for this moving comic book feel to the game. its like tatsunoku vs capcom on cocaine. at first i was saying “if it doesnt double the roster of MVC2 ill be mad” but they added deadpool i dont care about anything else now. as long as this game is so unbalanced like mvc2 it will be fine. i know people complain and want balance but having it all fucked up makes it fun. granted yes i know some people take these too serious but its a video game have some damn fun. come on, get your head out of your ass. the other admin uses meta-knight and you people say hes “broken” but i dont cry i just beat his ass with bowser (yeah i said it what up?)

via: S-kill blog

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