MovieTalk: SALT

16 May

SALT @ Suit Up

Whattup. Movie Talk here at SuitUp, given it’s been a while I figured I’d lay on you a new trailer for the upcoming action flick starring Angelina Jolie – aka future Mrs Admin #2, sorry Brad but she’s just using you until I cross the pond, now I respect you and I loved you in Fight Club, but truth is I’m a real life Tyler Durden and you’re just a man who ages backwards in his button making factory. Hopefully we can carry on as gentlemen and scholars, though, eh?

Anyways back to the film. Angie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who’s the best in her field, currently presented with a defected Russian spy. He confirms that a Russian agent will travell to New York today to assassinate the United States President. This agent is skilled and a trainee of an elite program designed to breed super assassins, and more worringly for Angelina Jolie, the name of this Russian assassin is, according to the detainee – Evelyn Salt. What proceeds is Evelyn evading the team she works for in trying to uncover her innocence, but on the path to the truth she finds her actions only increasing the foundation for the accusations, leading to the ultimate show down, and, the answer to the question on everybody’s lips…Who is Salt?

Personally I can’t wait for this, Angie gets badass when she does the action movies and from the trailer it looks like it’s gonna be dope. Take a look suckas


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