may the 4th be with you

04 May

granted ive been known to watch star wars from time to time, but i dont think vader telling you where to go is gonna get the ladies wet. actually for a matter of fact i dont think using a gps on a date is gonna do anything for the ladies. anyways if you like star wars and dont know where the hell you are driving then this is for you. actually if they release that admiral ackbar if i had a gps id rock it just to hear him yell “calculating route please make a u-turn when you can….IT’S A TRAP!!!!” but then again i dont need a gps.


btw the real source i got this from…go eat a dick you steal from us we will start stealing from you.

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Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Accessories, comedy, IT"S A TRAP!!!, LOL


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