First Impressions of Super Street Fighter IV

30 Apr

It’s widely known that i play street fighter in wee hours of the morning while my lady guest rest before i leave her with taxi fare taped to her head. Hey what can i say? im a caring person. anyways back on topic, This game is leaps and bounds better then what we affectionately call Vanilla Fighter IV. Almost all the new characters I like, with the exception of Hakan the turkish oil grappler and Makoto. otherwise there are great improvements to everything. Tho i do feel as if some of the nerfs were stupid. the large amount of people who cried got there way so instead of playing better they can just flowcart there way to sagats and win.

all though they game has improved a lot of the players online havent. in ranked matches you end up being faced with flowchart kens and one trick combo ponies. it isnt that i can’t beat them, because i wreak them just isnt fun. its like “jump in, jab, jab, c. MK, hadouken, srk, punish” over and over. its the point where i just dont even try so sadly ill have to wait for friends to go online. other then that the game is 100Xs better then Vanilla Fighter IV. I cant even imagine what its gonna be like after a month or two and the players get better.

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