Super Street Fighter 4 came out today

27 Apr

so pretty much expect me to be MIA this week. i just saw kick ass and it was awesome like beyond awesome. anyways here is Olivia Munn being a hypocrite wearing leather to a PETA unveiling of her add to protect elephants from the circus. Now i hate the circus because of how the animals get treated there and its disgustuing and i dont mind hot females being naked. what strikes me odd is why is she wearing leather boots to a PETA event? also wasnt the nude thing for “id rather go naked then wear fur” ads? a reporter asked “are those boots leather?” and petas goons told him “this isnt a campaign about leather and no they are not”. call me a asshole but if i was trying to save all animals from being harmed i wouldent be rocking leather boots to a event promoting it. now i know some of you out there are like “olivia munn is a great person blah blah blah” check her interviews shes a bitch and apparently a dumb bitch. so come on…get your head out of your ass and just accept the fact shes hot and a horrible person.

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Posted by on April 27, 2010 in Cute, eye candy, IT"S A TRAP!!!, LOL, whoure


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